Tuesday Tidbits

Hi Guys.

Today is already a happier day. Mousey is feeling better, I am feeling better for her. Sometimes it’s hard being a Mama and watching your child flail around and all you can do for them is their laundry and pray. A good bit of her homework is due today, so that will be a relief. No more homework/lacrosse/homework sandwich. Thank you Lord for sustaining her!

I have a full day. Keelyody is back from Florida, and you know what that means. We will walk, walk, walk the pounds away, right? Then I get to see Capri Deb and her Mama to get their hairs in order, and then I am meeting Girl Cousins Kay and Joyce for lunch at Red Robin, YUM! That should be very nice indeed!

Gladys here to tell you that work is going well on the house across the street, but I have not seen anyone enter the port-o-potty. They must get in there covertly.

I have a secret that I cannot tell. That’s why it’s called a secret. It doesn’t have anything to do with my family, but it makes me happy. I will tell at the end of May. If I forget, remind me! 

I have another secret that I will tell you on Friday. I KNOW, my hair is FULL of secrets!!!

On the way to lacrosse yesterday, Mousey and I stopped in at a healthy type store to buy some zinc. Because she heard from someone that it is practically a miracle drug or something. I did a little on line sleuthing and determined it is on the up and up, for health, not miracles. Back to the store. As I mentioned, we were on the way to LAX and she did not have her cleats on yet. So she went into the store with no shoes on! I said “Who are you, Britney? “. She took offense and said it wasn’t a gas station bathroom and she had on SOCKS! Oh my giddy aunt! GROSSE.

I have to go dress for my walk. I don’t think Keelyody wants to walk with me in my aqua polka dot jammies.

Have a productive day. They are the best kind.


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  1. April 3, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    Mark took zinc one time…one time. He got so sick that he had to go to the doctor. When asked how much he had taken, the doctor informed him that he had taken a dose of which a large horse would consume. Be sure to read the label. 🙂

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