The Post Virginia Trip List

Hi Guys!

I got home from Virginia last night safe and sound, loaded with good buys, pictures of the trip, and an excitement to see my People! There is much to share, but for the first day back you get a jumbled list, because that’s how my mind feels. Reentry is always strange coming from The Schmenkmans. They lead such a quiet life. I will try and get myself sorted out by tomorrow. These are the things on my mind today.

1. Literally, right out of the gate, Honey asked The Boy and I to stop at Lowe’s on our way home from the airport. Our 2008 purchased washer, that I waxed poetic about here, has a bearing problem. I don’t know what that is, but apparently, it is a very big problem. They declined to fix it. Our extended warranty says if we have a very big problem we get to have a new washer.

2. Our new washer is going to be delivered today. I await their leisure. You know how that is.

3. We will most assuredly purchase a new extended warranty on this washer too, as we have had the old one repaired 2 other times in the 4 years we have owned it.

4. Today is Mousey’s last day of high school. EVER. I am trying very hard to ignore the fact that our baby is graduating. I already know from previous experience that this is a good thing, not an end of the world thing. But seriously, where did our baby get to?

IMG_0005 (3)

5. She also has prom this weekend. She already went to one with her friend Emily from church. It was a swing dance home school prom on a boat and she said it was fun.

6. The night before I left for Virginia I sat on the couch with Mousey and Ab-Cat watching youtube videos of people coming out of anesthesia after having their wisdom teeth pulled. Oh.My.Word. Tears were rolling down Mousey’s face. Hilarious.

7. I need to make dentist appointments for both Mousey and The Boy to get their wisdom teeth pulled. Maybe we should have the camera handy to make a video of them after anesthesia?

8. Mia chased a squirrel this morning!!!! It was quite a sight, as you know, she is …..bulky. When she came back to the porch, her tail was HUGE! How dare that squirrel be in her front yard! I have never seen her chase anything except her daughters. And her own tail.

9. I have laundry to do, but there is no washer in the washer area of the laundry room.

10. Still waiting for the call. Hmmmm.

Have an unjumbled Thursday.


Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys! I am writing this down in Virginia while at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house for our 17th annual Memorial Day Extravaganza. I will be heading on home later this evening. We have had a wonderful time of chatting, shopping, eating and desserting, all things near and dear to our hearts!
Thanks to Joyce for being our Hodgepodge hostess!
1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving?

 One of the things I do when someone is speaking of their time in the military is to thank them for their service.
When my Dad and I were in Florida preparing to sell his home, we had dinner with his next door neighbor and his wife. For some reason he began talking about his time in Viet Nam as a gunner on a helicopter. His wife quietly began filming him. She said their grandsons had started asking him questions about being drafted and his military tour and he was reluctant to talk about it. He said the hardest part was returning home. People yelling at them, calling them terrible names and spitting on them. He seemed still genuinely hurt. I thanked him for his service and being willing to defend his country when called. He said I was welcome. I thank you again Dick Weiss.
2. Besides a flag what is something you own that is red, white and blue?
 I don’t have much of anything that is red, so I will say I planted a pot of flowers with a patriotic theme.
3. Does love really conquer all?
 Probably not. But God can.
4. Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?
This is a super easy one, strawberry shortcake!
5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser?
Considering my hairdresser is Schmenky Schmenkman, I would have to say yes. I also have another hairdresser for the times when Virginia isn’t convenient. I am not quite as personal with Connie, although I do love her!
6. Does money lead to selfishness?
 I don’t know if selfish is the right word. They can probably be out of touch about what they think they need, but lots of wealthy people are extremely generous.
7. What piece of furniture in your home most needs replacing or refinishing?
 Our couches have seen better days. Honey and I talk regularly about getting a new king sized bed, Especially after coming home from vacation.
8. Insert your own random here.
Schmenky has a really fun game on her computer. I play it at night after she goes to bed. Have I ever mentioned that she goes to bed with the chickens? Well, not that bad, but you get the idea.
I have been working really hard, loading an inordinate amount of barges.
 I need to go home and get some rest!
Have a good Wednesday!

Potent Quotable

The story of America’s quest for freedom is inscribed on her history in the blood of her patriots.  ~Randy Vader

Sharing and The Schmenkman

Today is the last day of BSF for the season. It’s called Sharing Day. The rest of the year we break up into smaller groups to discuss the lessons we have worked on that week. Today we all stay together in the sanctuary to hear whomever would care to share, in 3 minutes or less, what God has taught them this year through the Bible study of Acts of the Apostles. Some women are so eloquent, succinct, and moving. Lives are changed when God’s Word is studied and applied. There are always scores of “God Things” to be shared. It is a perfect way to cap of the year.

My job is to pass the microphone. And the tissues.

AND THEN The Boy will take me to the airport for the 17th annual Memorial Day Extravaganza in Virginia at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house!!!

Come and get me Schmenky!!!!!!!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by and thanks to Joyce for the questions!

1. What’s something you miss about the 1980’s? If you’re too young to miss the 80’s how about the 90’s?

I miss my weight, or lack of it! I miss my figure, my ability to stay up late and get up early, to eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight. Really big sigh.

2. Do you have a library card? If so, how often do you visit?

I do and I visit fairly often, more so in the summer. Ab-Cat goes every Friday. Like clockwork.

3. What’s the secret to success?

I think everyone might have their own definition of success, whether it is their career, power and prestige, personal happiness, finances, things. The world certainly does. I would say God’s view of success goes something like this:

Philippians 4:11-13

New International Version (NIV)

11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

That seems like a good recipe for success. The other stuff is just extra.

4. This is National Backyard Games week…what’s your favorite backyard game?

Since our backyard has a pool, I am going to have to say Marco Polo. If I can’t say that, I have nothing to add.

5. If I dropped by today what would I find on your coffee table?


A couple of coasters, pinecones, my Bible, my BSF lesson waiting patiently to be completed before this morning, and a book I read when I go to doctors appointments. It’s a somewhat funny book and it’s becoming age appropriate. She talks about the problems of being an aging female.


6. Do you own a bicycle? When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Is that something you enjoy?

Honey keeps telling me that we have bikes over the garage, and he is going to get them down, and we are going to ride like the wind. But I have not seen any movement in that direction yet.

I used to ride bikes all the time when I was young. The last time I regularly rode a bike was when The Ab-Cat was a baby. She loved to go for rides in the baby seat. 

7. What’s your favorite cheese?

I like cheese, just not Bleu or Gorgonzola, or that sort. I know people LOVE it, but it smells like vomit to me. I like all of the pedestrian varieties, munster, cheddar, colby jack, feta, parmesan. Honey is a fan of Pinconning.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I mentioned that I went to the favorite flower place last week with Jip the Farm Dog and CMB. It was a FULL van on the return trip home.

It took 2 days, but it is all planted.

Here is the porch chair pot.


I found some more confetti lantana, I heart it so!


My Dad gave me a peony from my Mom’s garden a year or so ago. I thought it died because I saw no evidence of it last year. Well, look what greeted me this year! Hello my Precious.


Thanks for stopping by!

Double Nickels

Today is a big day.

A check another box kind of day.

Honey is 55. Fifty five. Fitty fiv.


How do I love thee? Let me count five ways.

Thee is the anchor to our ship.

Thee is the provider and protector of our castle.

Thee is the laughter in our abode.

Thee is our safe harbor.

Thee is the peas to my carrots.

fishing florida 2011 515

Happy Birthday Honey, we love thee!!!!!!!

Potent Quotable

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it.  The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.  ~Earl Nightingale

A Trickle of Stuff

Hidey Ho Neighbor!

Thanks for bearing with me the last couple of weeks. I realize things have been…sparse. But writers log jam, car trouble,  life busyness, work, doctor appointments, company and a lingering bout of the cholera have had me off my game. Some things have been resolved, some haven’t, but for some reason, it seems a tad more manageable at the moment. I can’t promise rivers and streams of flowing blob posts, but for today, here you go. A list for Y’All!

!. Miss Mousey is mostly finished with her lacrosse season, I say mostly because there are a few things left for the team to wrap up the season, but she has been pretty well done for a week or two. Her back pain and headaches officially ended her season around the beginning of May.

2. An appointment with an orthopedic doctor has us hoping that some physical therapy, no more LAX, and some better posture will be her ticket to relief.

3. Her team came in second in their district! Or league. Or group. Whatever. GO CATS!!!!!!!

4. Her last day of senior high school is May 31. It can NOT come soon enough for her.

5. The Ab-Cat took her car in for some repairs before she started her summer job. They did not fix it all. They needed it back and kept it for two days, requiring us to drive her to work for two days.

6. They are doing some sort of work on the freeway that is causing major backups TO and FROM her work.

7. When are they NOT doing some sort of freeway work in Michigan? Seriously.

8. I hate traffic.

9. She hates traffic.

10. She likes her job though!!!

11. The Boy is semi home. He is still dog sitting at our neighbor’s house, but he comes home now and again, for food and visits.

12. He is unusually connected to Skype at odd times of the day.

13. He has a new friend.

14. Her name is The Dane. He met her at Moody. She lives in Denmark.

15. Evidently, there is quite a time difference between here and there. As well as some miles.

16. They are working it out.

17. Next Thursday is the last day of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for the year. It has been a wonderful study and year, but as always, I am ready to be done. One of my favorite things about this year was that Capri Deb was able to come!!!!!!! That, and Hebrews. Love Hebrews. And James. Oh, loved it ALL!!!!!

18. Next Thursday is also the day I fly away down to east Virginia to see Mrs. Schmenkman for our annual Memorial Day Hootenanny!!!!!!!

19. We celebrate 17 years of Hooting !!!!!

20. I am going to get flowers today at the favorite flower place with Jip the Farm Dog and CMB. That is always a fun thing to do.

21. Honey has declared this weekend a “work weekend”. I have a feeling back pills are in my future. In all of our futures.

22. Who do you want to win American Idol?

23. I want Phillip Phillips Jr. They both have good voices and deserve to be there, but he cried when he saw his Daddy and in the parade, and he seems like the real deal, so I pick him.

24. Abby thinks he is a cutie patootie too.

25. What have y’all been up to? You’ve been mighty quiet too!


The clematis are blooming their little hearts out, all alone in the bare naked garden.


These sparkling beauties have never done much before. This year they shot to the top, before I even planted flowers!


To be perfectly honest, I don’t think the one on the left has ever bloomed before. I didn’t know what color it was!

These on the trellis are going great guns as well.


I am having a bit of the hectic this week and it’s not looking any better for a few days. Hopefully I will have a nice list for you soon, HA!

Have a shoot to the top day!

I Like Strawberries Too!

Our Friend Fran, aka as Elyk’s Mom, aka She Who Travels A LOT, has been staying with us for a few days while she ties up the loose ends of buying a condo with her son, the previously mentioned Elyk.

She came home with a treat last night!


Oh my!




Come again, Fran!!

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