Annoyance, Secrets, and Super Heroes

Good GRIEF, it’s still morning and I have already had a boatload of annoyance.

It’s the computers. It’s always the computers.

First off, we have been dealing with this Google Toolbar popup, some insidious virus sort of thing, that POPS UP and causes you to have to log off and start all over again. Never knowing if it will pop up again immediately, or give you a reprieve for a while.

Honey has tried to reset the computer to a previous date, but since the last time the computer crashed, it has never once allowed this beneficial activity.

I thought I would try and outsmart the big computer and stealthily log on to Nettie the Netbook. She had no desire to connect to our wireless. She never is inclined. She keeps insisting that we need to check all of the cables and adapters and other such nonsense that I have absolutely no knowledge of, and then connects for some reason after you do nothing different than you have done the previous 10 times. Arrrrg. I think I was better off in the dark ages.

On to happier thoughts. We had a nice quiet weekend. Now I will get all listy on you to share what went on around here.

1. Mousey went with the youth group at church on their annual Senior Sneak. Annual in the sense that they go every year, but they don’t do the same thing, hence the Sneak portion of the event. It is all Secret Squirrel business. The Boy’s trip was to Scranton Pa. where they did all sorts of things featured in the tv show The Office. The Ab-Cat abstained, because she hated all things pertaining to youth group.

2. The youth leader called to tell me the details of the trip, because parents are known to need that sort of information. She said they were heading down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, were going to go white water rafting, needed to have her permission slip in hand along with clothes and shoes that could get wet, money for 2 meals on the road, and no blow dryer.

3. I immediately began to wonder if Mousey was going to enjoy the white water rafting experience. She does not like rides or roller coasters, and WWR seems like a big, wet, roller coaster to me. With even less control, and there is always the possibility of getting pitched off the ride. Head first into a raging river.

4. Shortly after my conversation with the youth pastor, Mousey and her friend Beatrix Potter came into the kitchen. Mousey-Ann was filling out a permission slip for somewhere, and because I was all about the worrying for Senior Sneak, I assumed it was for that. She asked for her heath card info, and then started asking about where she should be taken if she had an emergency need. I was loading the dishwasher and talking, multi-tasker that I am, when I said with annoyance “why are they asking that when you will be in Tenn…..” The Girls both, in stereo, went “OOooohhhhhhhhh, we know where we’re going!!!”

5. Capri Kel, keeping a Secret Squirrel secret for about an hour.

6. The permission slip was not even for Secret Squirrel Senior Sneak.

7. That’s all I told them, and I extracted a promise from both that they would NEVER, EVER tell that I spilled the beans. We’ll see how long that lasts.

8. They left at 9 am on Friday and that was the last I heard from them until last night around 10 when they came home tired and sick of smelling the youth group van and it’s male occupants.

9. They both had fun white water rafting. Mousey informed me she had done it twice before. I had forgotten.

10. Honey, Ab-Cat and I decided to eat out every night. Pizza, Chinese and Five Guys. All super yummy.

11. I read Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One. He is a little too predictable, but at least it was a good story, and one of the main people in love did not die, which is why I don’t like most of his work. I like my main characters to live, call me Pollyanna. Special thanks to Three Good Kids for giving it to me.

12. I watched both of my favorite shows, Who Do You Think You Are AND Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. If I ever won the lottery, I would have my genealogy traced, I think it is SO interesting.

13. The Ab-Cat and I went and saw this:

14. Can you say AWESOME??!!!

15. Have an annoyance free day!

P.S. The Boy comes home on Saturday, WOO HOO!!!!



  1. May 8, 2012 at 9:49 AM

    I don’t like the characters in my books to die either. I like nice happy endings. We drove home from Chicago in the rain yesterday and ate at the Jackson Cracker Barrel. What can I say about that but….predictable.

  2. warrenp94 said,

    May 9, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    I am jealous! I have not yet seen Avengers. I have been to Gatlinburg though and it is…interesting. Glad they had fun!

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