Sharing and The Schmenkman

Today is the last day of BSF for the season. It’s called Sharing Day. The rest of the year we break up into smaller groups to discuss the lessons we have worked on that week. Today we all stay together in the sanctuary to hear whomever would care to share, in 3 minutes or less, what God has taught them this year through the Bible study of Acts of the Apostles. Some women are so eloquent, succinct, and moving. Lives are changed when God’s Word is studied and applied. There are always scores of “God Things” to be shared. It is a perfect way to cap of the year.

My job is to pass the microphone. And the tissues.

AND THEN The Boy will take me to the airport for the 17th annual Memorial Day Extravaganza in Virginia at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house!!!

Come and get me Schmenky!!!!!!!


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