Glamour Shots and the Sweet Frog

Before we left Sassy Cat Hill for the airport, we had to take the annual picture of ourselves.

Mrs. Schmenkman had just purchased a new vacuum cleaner, so we had the handy dandy box to use as a tri pod. It always takes a few minutes and a few mis-tries to get the hang of the cameras again.


She didn’t make it.


Something wasn’t right. I looked too tall, she looked too short, she wanted to get her arm out of the shot, her body part was touching me! Oh the problems!


After about 20 tries we settled on this.


Then we took the party outside for some glamour shots! Because we are SO glamorous. In our jammies by 6 glamorous. I am especially glamorous at this very moment, all sweaty and gross from my walk with Keelyody.

Tux happened to be near so he was drafted to be Schmenky’s chin cover-er. Best one yet, Schmenk!!!


Her back deck flowers were most beautimous, as are you Schmenky Catherine!


Oooh la la!


I bought 2 new dresses this trip. Here is my favorite from Ross, very comfortable to travel in I might add. I did wear shorts underneath, for my own…peace of mind.


Schmenky highlighted my hair. I haven’t been this blond in a long time. She made the comment that she is reddish and I am blondish, a switch from our usually designated colors!


I hate it when your hair first gets highlighted and it gets wet. It feels like a couch.


All is well when dry though.


We headed off to Manassas for the last shopping of the trip. We had decided to go to Chili’s for some soup and salad for lunch, as opposed to our normal place, The Great American Buffet or Grille, or something like that.

Funny thing happened on our way to Chili’s, not really so funny for a certain person though. We headed over to park and the area was all caution taped off. There were many, many police cars and FBI vehicles, and agents standing nearby. In all of our wisdom, we decided it must have been some sort of training exercise. We drove around to see if there was another way to enter Chili’s for our desired soup and salad, and there was not. You could park a ways away and walk past all that commotion, but  at that point, we decided to make another choice. And an excellent choice it was, California Tortilla was very good and fresh! With the added bonus of no caution tape!

After I returned home, Schmenky sent me this link, it appears like someone had a really bad day, and deservedly so.

The reason we did not eat at our usual place, that has dessert included, was because we wanted to hit up The Sweet Frog! We had gone to one a few days earlier in Winchester and OH MY WORD, it was worthy my Friends!

The first time I had Key Lime yogurt with waffle cone pieces and it was dewishus! I was all about the repeat performance, with a few more waffle cone pieces to correct my frozen yogurt to waffle cone piece ratio. Very important.


I was horrified to see they had no Key Lime. BOO. Schmenky is a mixer. I am a purist.


I settled on this, and it did not disappoint! Oh, it was heavenly. But alas, no waffle cone pieces. They did have some that were supposedly chocolate covered, but I am here to tell you it was weird chocolate and I could have done without.


They had many flavors. I lean towards tart yogurt, not ice cream-y yogurt.


Schmenky’s sundae. The raspberry sauce on top was yummy too, I had a bit of that as well. She had mango and coconut and many other things.


Mmmmmmm, scrumtrulescent!!!


Lessons I learned that day? Try the pomegranate, forget the chocolate powder covered waffle pieces, and stay away from white supremacists allegedly paying an undercover agent to illegally modify his AK-47 assault rifle.

Good lessons.


Thanks for having me for the 17th time Schmenk!!!

Looking forward to The 18th Memorial Day Extravaganza Hootenanny!!!!!!!



  1. warren said,

    June 8, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    Well ain’t y’all a bunch of fancy ladies! You ladies look nice as always and I am sure you had a great time getting it all set up!

    We have a place called yogurt mountain here that is like the place you went…much fun! My son always gets huge amounts of junk on his and I don’t know how he doesn’t get sick!

  2. caprilis said,

    June 8, 2012 at 3:40 PM

    That second picture made me spit my water! You’re a brave woman to post that shot!

  3. June 11, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    My favorite blog is this yearly blog of your yearly trip. . Y’all have so much fun and look so darn cute!

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