Thrifty Virginia Bargains

Because Mrs. Schmenkman and I have no needs, we did quite a bit of shopping at thrift stores, for sport. We visited some we had frequented before, but also scoped out quite a few we had never been to before. Some we will revisit, some were not worth the effort.

This was not from a thrift store. It was the first thing I bought on the way home from the airport at Ruby Tuesday Morning. I plan to put it out in the garden on a shepherds hook. Note the word plan, lets see how long this takes me.


Here are the thrifted goods. All from Salvation Army or The Goodwill, and maybe a couple from the odd little thrift store.


I wore the top on the left to Mousey’s graduation last Sunday with a pair of thrifted white capris. Loved them! I wore the one on the right today when I did The Saint’s hairs, Hi Wendy!


The pajama segment of the program. Four-ple score for Capri Kel! Especially heart the pink animal print!


I found these at a little downtown place where Schmenk lives. The Chico’s dress was $5.95.

Schmenkerton was the winner here. She found a really lovely black dress, suitable to wear to a wedding, special occasion or a funeral. It was about $15, a fortune at a thrift store. She tried it on and said it fit so well she decided to get it, even though she didn’t really need it. When she went to pay she found out that it had a lucky pink ticket, the color of the week!! She bought that beautimous dress for twenty five cents!!!!!!! Most assuredly the bargain of the month!


These were from Ross, I wore the dress home on the airplane. Super comfy! Looking forward to wearing the skirt.


And the last thing I bought on the way back to the airport. I have been needing a new pair of black sandals and these Clarks for $24.99 were a good deal. I hope they are up to the task of being my best black sandals, because that is what I need them to be. I couldn’t pass up the gold wedges for $12.99. Especially since I am SO loving my silver sandals this year. Everyone needs a little gold with their silver!


So there you have most of my Memorial Day Extravaganza Hootenanny bargains of 2012!

How about you Guys? Anything to hoot about?


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