The Trailwood Garden Walk 2012

Are you ready for some more garden pictures? I hope so, because I have 2 posts full!

My fellow garden walkers; The Peanuts Champ (aka Loverly New Shirt Barb!!), Capri K, Four M Mom, and The Back Door Neighbor.

If you recall, we needed to find a name for our previously unnamed friend, Teri. Teri and I agreed that a name had been chosen at the last walk, which was what I had thought, but she could not help me remember what it was. Barb insisted she was not around when this naming occurred. Teri and I firmly believe that she was, and has forgotten. HA! We are all travelers in a big boat named I Can’t Recall.


I was not organized about the homes. I’m not sure where one ends and another begins, so look at them all as The Borg, they have been assimilated into one.

I think Mrs. Schmenkman needs a sign like this. But with her name on it. Loved the kitty window.


Paprika yarrow. Love it. It does not adore me in the same fashion. Schmenky has given me some of hers on a couple occasions, but it does not flourish in my perennial bed. The pink, white and gold variety return, but the paprika is shy.


I have that very same clematis! I hope to have that bee balm. Have I ever mentioned that I love the bee balm? I am pretty sure I have mentioned it. Another thing that is shy over at our place. I bought some at the Garden Club sale, along with the always loverly hyacinth bean plant, that grows and climbs so beautimously.


I really liked the pots at this home. They lived in a fairly shady place, of which our home is lacking. They seemed so cool and calming.


I saw these sweet yellow flowers at the Home Depot one day. I carried them around for my entire visit, and when I was ready to leave the line was too long so I put them back. Regret is bitter in my heart, for I have thought of them wistfully ever since. And here they are, popping up to remind me of my regret. And I don’t even know their name. It’s like a lost love.


I would not do this, but I thought it was cute. This house had a lot of pink and English garden-y type decor. She had made pretty little teacup saucers into bird baths and upside down vases and plates and bowls into other things. She also had a fairy garden for her grandchildren. Because that is not my sort of thing, I did not take many pictures at this house. I now realize that you all might have found them appealing and adorable, and I am once again filled with regret for my lack of blog consideration. I do apologize.


I am always struck by the cute and clever little things tucked here and there into the gardens. I have no eye for this. No vision for potential. I am afraid this is not a learned skill, it is a gift from a creative God. And unfortunately, when God said come forward and get this skill, I was talking in the back and did not hear Him. The story of my life.



I like this tiny white flower. I am pretty sure I could kill it in record time.


The Back Door Neighbor and I spent a goodish amount of time saying how impressed we were with this border. We both took many pictures to show our significant others. Very neat and tidy.


We also spent some time gathered around this purty plant. Jockeying for position, trading spots with each other, unaware we were both trying to take a picture of the exact same flower!


The Back Door Neighbor had a loverly new bag that was very well suited to walking through gardens. I took a picture of her…


…she took a picture of me…


both taking a picture of this perfect specimen of God’s workmanship. We had to laugh at our single mindedness!


Here is a pretty walkway with this spongy green stuff I have never seen before. It didn’t even leave a mark when you stepped on it, it just sprang back into place like no one had ever been there! I kept doing it too, just to test it. Is sprang really a word? It shouldn’t be.


Love the mix of colors.


God’s palette. Schmenky had some of these orange-y rusty beauties on her blob the other day. What are they called Schmenk?


Across the street.



Winner of The Most Patriotic in my book.


My very favorite garden statue!


I am fairly certain that these are spent, but they are very visually interesting none the less.


Like this pot.


I think I would like to have one of these. Plus I heard a rumor that chicks and hens are virtually indestructible!!! I could set them up EVERYWHERE!


Back Door Neighbor and I were struck by the color of this clematis. We were taking many pictures. Oh, it was pretty. The color was exquisite.


It was FAKE!!! An imposter. That ought to be illegal on a garden walk!


At the end of the walk you turned in your ticket that you had stamped at each stop. They were going to have a raffle for these two sparkling beauties.


I am surprising myself with how much I am liking this sort of thing lately. They have never caught my eye before. They have caught BOTH eyes this summer! I saw one I really likes at Lowe’s last week for $12 or $16 dollars. I should go back and get it. There is no more room in my heart for the burning regret I might feel if I don’t.


Another border heavily discussed by The Back Door Neighbor and myself. We grilled the owner extensively. How often do you have to do it? Does it get weedy? Is it hard to do? She said it does not get weedy, it’s easy to care for and it makes a good guide for cutting the lawn too. Unfortunately one persons easy is another persons hard. And I am that person.


She has a daycare at her house, so this was appropriate.


Lots of cute little thingys.


We had a running discussion about the name of this little pink flower. I think we even produced it at one point and then promptly forgot it again. Can anyone help out a group of 4 women rapidly losing brain cells?


So purty.


LOOK! A bee on the bee balm! How appropriate!


I will be back tomorrow for part two!



  1. Joyce said,

    June 28, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    Fake clematis on a garden walk? I agree…they definitely lose points for that!

  2. Back Door Neighbor said,

    June 29, 2012 at 7:58 AM

    Your photos and notes make me smile!

  3. Barb said,

    June 30, 2012 at 8:16 AM

    I laughed out loud as I read this post. I never saw the cat statue. How cute! Glad you take all theses photos.

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