A Saturday List

1. We got buckets and buckets of RAIN yesterday!!!

2. Kudos to Joyce for succinctly saying what so many feel. I hope people are flooding the Chick-Fil-A’s of America to show they don’t feel the same way. I would go myself but there aren’t any around here. Do you hear that Chick-Fil-A? South east Michigan is a wide open market, we would welcome your bigot self with open arms.

3. My first crops are in.


4. Girls Week has begun! We had parmesan chicken pizza for dinner and watched Project Runway on the DVR, then caught the opening of the Olympics.

5. What were everyone’s thoughts on that?

6. We thought the James Bond and the Queen part was cute, but the rest of it had me longing for China.

7. To quote Schmenky, good common sense!!

8. Today looms large and empty. The only thing scheduled is this evenings Olympic offering of swimming and gymnastics.

9. And I need to finish vacuuming.

10. Have an Olympic weekend! Olympic really is a strange word.


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