The Days of Our Lives

I should have a new category called Twaddle. Just stuff. Does that sound better than Lists?

Hi Guys.

We are on the down side of Girls Week. We are crossing some things off the list, but with The Ab-Cat’s work schedule and the Olympics, we are at a distinct time disadvantage.

Mousey and I are heading out to The Grandpa’s house this morning to help him go through some stuff. We haven’t done it at all this year. Maybe Mousey and I will be able to get out there more frequently since she does not have the constraints of high school, or LAX. I know she will have college and hopefully work, but there is greater opportunity to go during the day, when all of my cylinders are firing.

The crushing heat has abated, the humidity is down, I have actually turned the air off a few days and didn’t melt like butter in a hot skillet.

Speaking of butter, we are all out. The Girls did not realize how a lack of butter hampers your life. I have always known this, as butter and cream are on my list of essentials. Now they know.

It is supposed to storm later tonight. Abby will be thrilled. She has been hankering for a good summer storm.

I would like to take a moment here and thank God for the nectarine. How delightful and underrated is the delectable, ripe, juicy, fragrant nectarine? Thank you Lord.

I have been out at church twice this week to help out at funeral luncheons. Something happened yesterday that I cannot remember happening in a very long time. I almost ran out of gas! I know, who does that anymore!!! At my age???

Our church is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, and on the way out I noticed the gas light was on. I had no idea how long it had been on, and I was living on the vague notion that it had not been that long since I had filled up. I started thinking of plans to implement if the event actually occurred, what I would do, who I would call, you know, scenarios. YIKES! Thank the Lord that I made it back to town just fine and filled Juanita to the brim!

I was thankful to be able to fill my tank up. I can remember the years of only putting in $20 at a time. Or $10. Or $3.

Of course, back in the day, you could go a lot further on $3.

We have skyped with the Guys exactly once. They were having fun AND catching fitch. A win/win combo.

In two weeks I will be heading over to South Haven with the Caregroup gals for a little R and R. Actually, make that BRERS. Beach, rest, eating, relaxation, and shopping.

Also in two weeks, The Boy’s friend The Dane will be visiting with us until they go back to college at Moody in Chicago. I guess I should say his girlfriend because their Facebook status says they are in a relationship with, and the facebook don’t lie.

We are all looking forward to meeting her real live face, as opposed to her real live skype face.

I know The Boy is beyond excited for her arrival.

My desire for you today is that you are beyond excited for something!



  1. warren said,

    August 2, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Always trust the facebook…if it says relationship, they are indeed in a relationship. I have a special relationship with doritos…I wonder what facebook thinks about that

  2. caprilis said,

    August 3, 2012 at 3:47 AM

    Glad you didn’t run out of gas Schmenk!

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