Tupperware, Turtlenecks and Tea Pots

The Boys are back from fitchin’ with fitch, their tan selves, fish gear, dirty clothes and some stories that keep trickling out of them. They had a very good time and came home with a lot of walleye and perch, as opposed to last year when they only came home with dirty clothes and some Pinconning cheese. They also brought home a twinkie for me. Their leftover worms, already sprinkled in the gardens.

Girls Week was very low key this year. Ab-Cat’s full time work schedule put a crimp in our free wheeling style. Plus, the Olympics hogged most of the evenings.

On Friday, Mousey and I headed out to The Grandpa’s to help him go through stuff. He is considering putting his lake house on the market in an attempt to downsize his living accommodations and get out from under a LOT of maintenance.

My Mother had many loves. Her Lord, her husband, her children and grandchildren, shopping for a good deal,  Home Interiors, the company she was employed with for over 40 years. Since her passing, I have discovered several more loves. Some bordered on obsessions.

Tupperware, turtlenecks and teapots.


My Dad kept telling me he wanted to go through some tote boxes he had in the basement. The totes were bothering him. The totes were full. The totes, he said, were many.

Well, he wasn’t kidding about that!

We were planning to focus on the Tupperware. My Mom loved Tupperware. Loved it, used it, and bought it from a friend who sold it and had great discontinued merchandise sales. Thank you Ida Sue for fueling her addiction for many years!

When Honey and I married, my Mom supplied us with much of the Tupperware we own, courtesy of Ida Sue’s discontinued basement storage store. I also have a great fondness for the container storage system, so I have added to my own collection on many occasions. What young married person did not complete the rounds of home Tupperware parties? Do they even have those anymore? I haven’t even seen a book in years. I wonder if Ida Sue is still in business?

Anyway, I believe I have conveyed my Mother’s great love of plastic storage. Not only did she have a lot of her own Tupperware, she had inherited her own Mother’s generous supply. I can remember my Mom asking me if I wanted more Tupperware when my Grandma passed away. I’m sure I took some, but I HAD NO IDEA that she kept the rest!

Upon emptying the totes, the thought was to match all of the bottoms to the tops to see what we were dealing with. Then divide it up and put it into three piles for the kids to take when they leave our nest. Because it didn’t make sense to just get rid of it all, I mean, who doesn’t need to have some Tupperware???

Hours, and many empty totes later, we had enough Tupperware to organize a small country and keep it burped and freshly sealed.

And as if we didn’t have enough springing forth from the totes, my Dad kept going upstairs and bringing more down from his kitchen cupboards. Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, with Tupperware water buckets.

Oh, we had a pile. Six totes, plus some loose.


The next day, Mousey and I again took everything out and resorted it into three better piles. We then filled three totes back up with with an extra tote left over. I then asked Beeve if he would like to paw through it to see if he needed any more, because I know Mom set him up as well when he married. The Ab-Cat, The Boy and Mousey have the majority of their Tupperware needs already fulfilled. Thank you Grandma!!

I think my Dad is emptying out his house by filling up ours!

To be honest, there were things other than Tupperware in some of those totes. There were TURTLENECKS. I never knew of her great fondness to have the neck of a turtle.

We discovered her penchant for the teapot when we were packing up their Florida home two years ago. Not just any teapot. It’s a Corning Ware teapot. I think she picked them up from garage sales, in case hers broke or something. The kids each have one. I gave The Boy his, he wants to take it back to school with him for his tea needs.


Dad had piles everywhere! Salvation Army pile, fabric and sewing totes for the quilting church ladies, some rogue Home Interiors. His job this week is distribution.

I hope his mind is more at ease with every tote he gets rid of.



  1. Vickie Smoker said,

    August 6, 2012 at 11:04 AM

    Kel, loved it! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  2. Nan C said,

    August 7, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    Be careful not to use the old Tupperware in the microwave! Jussayin.

  3. Wendy said,

    August 7, 2012 at 12:04 PM

    LOL. Nice trip down memory lane, and Ruth did have good taste. Love the Corning Ware Teapot!

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