Not All Labor

Hey Guys!

Well, I guess summer is officially over. Somebody tell that to Mother Nature and her upper eighties, high humidity, weather. But I guess I am feeling ornery too because I plan on wearing white capris this week, so there.

We had a nice mix this weekend. Resting, relaxing, family time and then some ever present labor. I am not complaining about the last one though. My house was begging for some attention. Tumbleweed sized tufts of cat fur were blowing around, among other things.

On Sunday we headed out to my Dad’s house on the lake. It was a very overcast day, but we decided to brave it for a boat ride. We chose wisely because it never did rain.

Grandpa had a LOT of helping hands on deck. Grandpa’s grandson Jason and his wife Kelly were there with their two boys.


This was the first time we had the pleasure of meeting this precious peanut. Joseph did a good job when it was his turn to captain the boat!


Goomba and his parents were there as well.


Kelly and their oldest boy, Michael, who is an old pro on Grandpa’s boat.


The little hand resting on Grandpa’s leg just killed us all. So sweet.


The Girls were in the front with Katie sniffing all the air she could. Goomba was the point man.


Kelly with Joseph.


The boys were all good about taking turns.


Generations. Grandpa, his grandson Jason, and the greats, Michael and Joseph.


Goomba was sporting an awesome case of boat hair, not as awesome here as it was in real life!


Jason and Michael.


Grandpa wants to put his house up for sale soon and he had the thought that if it sells this winter, this could be his last boat ride. Bittersweet to be sure. Captain Frank has logged a lot of miles and a whole lake of fun on these waters.


When we got back to the house we had a visit from the neighborhood cat, Chewy. He was so happy for attention in any way he could get it. Whether it be from rowdy preschoolers or experienced petters!


What did you do on your holiday weekend?


1 Comment

  1. Joyce said,

    September 4, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    We spent Labor Day weekend on a boat too…one of my most favorite things in all the world!

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