Routine, Reunion and a Rant

Hello People. What doing?

Things are gearing up around here.

The Ab-Cat is persevering learning her new job at her old company. She still does not feel competent just yet, and today is the last day her trainer will be there. We are praying for confidence, understanding and patience.

The Boy and The Dane started classes in Chicago at Moody, and their PCM’s, which are their required volunteering ministries, with some youth. The Boy was able to keep his working for pay job that he had at the Latin School last year, and The Dane returned to her job in the alumni department on campus.

Mousey started college last week. She seems to be adjusting well and even mentioned that she made some new friends in her art class and reconnected with an old friend she hadn’t seen since middle school. Now she needs to turn her attention and energies toward looking for a job, to support her toiletry habit.

Honey has embarked on a diet. He periodically does this with some gentlemen from work. It’s another of those complicated, points and penalty types of endeavors. It would appear that a little light hearted competition is what is required for middle aged men to drop some LBs. Good luck to Farmer Mark, Fuzzy and Honey!

I am also on the diet bandwagon. Without the complicated points and penalty business. I used to always be wishing that I could loose 5 pounds. When that 5 pounds turned into 15, I cannot say, but I would like to end it there instead of wishing to lose 20! I blame the hormonies, but also concede that no one is holding a gun to my head while I enjoy dessert. I would like to get back to the place I was when I just didn’t have treats. Just did not partake. It was a lot easier doing never than cherry picking when I would. I seem to be able to justify all things. Well, it’s So and So’s birthday, it’s fellowship day at BSF, it’s Caregroup, it’s Friday, it’s 12:30. You get my drift.

There were muffins at our BSF workshop yesterday. I did not partake, and I lived to tell the tale. Thank you Lord!

BSF begins in full force next week. We are down 1 gal on our administration team this year and are looking for a replacement. Diligently. She needs to be our tech person. In the interim, I will be our tech person. So you can CLEARLY see our great need for a fourth member of the team. In other news, guess who is back on the Admin team??????

JIP THE FARM DOG!!!!!!! Seven exclamation marks, because seven is God’s number!!

When I joined the team TEN YEARS AGO (how can that be possible??), Jip was the class administrator. In other words, our top dog in arranging things, a very important cog in the wheel of our BSF class, my personal head honcho. She trained me on all things administrative, showed me grace and patience in all areas, and helped me to understand that there are the rules, and then there are the women. All instruction has served me well over the decade. She retired about 6 years ago. Then she came back! First as a class member, which was just ridiculous, then as a children’s leader. She was a most excellent CL, but when we had need of another class administrator, God called, she answered, and Capri Kel smiled!!!!!!! Seven, again!


In other news, I feel the need to complain about something. I believe I mentioned that Abby was hit from behind last month in a 5 or 6 car accident. There was not much visible damage to her van. The back bumper was bent and her muffler was munched, we had some trouble opening the passenger side doors, but nothing seemed insurmountable. We took the van to a dealer to have it appraised, or whatever you call it, so it could be fixed. They have had it for two weeks now and we have been driving Abby back and forth to work, which we are happy to do. Except it annoys Honey to no end that our insurance company has BIG TIME dropped the ball here.

A few months ago, before there was even a hint of accident, Honey asked our insurance company what they had available in handicapped rental cars in  case Abby ever had need of one. The person said they did not have vans with lifts, only hand controls. Honey asked what she would do if she had need of a rental car? She could drive one of their cars, but could not get into one of their cars, and oh, be able to transport her wheelchair as well. Just a simple need. The person said they would get back to Honey, and then did not get back to him.

Fast forward to just after the accident. When Honey talked to the person from our insurance company to report the accident, he reminded them of that conversation. They remembered that conversation. He asked what they had in mind. They said they would look into it. They have not given us any options yet.

I think this is terrible. If anyone else in our family had been in an accident and been without a car, we have FOUR OTHER cars and can probably work around the issue. A handicapped person most likely does not have an extra handicapped accessible vehicle just lying around. I can’t believe this big old company has never had this problem arise before. Shame on them!

In other disturbing news, when Honey called to see what in the Sam Hill was taking the dealership so long to get these minor repairs completed, they gave him an unexpected verdict. They don’t want to fix it. They think the frame is somehow bent beyond repair. Barely any visible damage, 37,000 miles, and they want to junk it. Well, that is certainly not our call, they will have to discuss that with the adjuster of our case. In the meantime, poor Abby is without her hand controlled wheels for who knows how long. Evidently without an accessible rental either. Grrrr.

Ok, all done. Thanks for listening.



  1. Joyce said,

    September 6, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    I hope you get everything resolved soon with your insurance company. What a pain!

    I cannot say never to treats because then their very existence consumes my every waking thought : ) I’m not tempted by everything though…we have treats at our Bible Study and I just don’t even go to the table. I make sure I brush my teeth extra good before leaving the house so I don’t want anything. Now, a mid afternoon treat with a cup of tea is much harder for me to say no to…I try not to buy that sort of thing so it’s definitely a once in a while indulgence. Good luck with your goal!

  2. 3goodkids said,

    September 6, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    I have been totally treat free since Sept 1st. Seems we have the same goal and the same problem of justification.
    No results yet, except I feel really good when I make up my mind to do something and then actually do it.

    • Capri K said,

      September 7, 2012 at 4:54 AM

      Good for you!!!! I hope I see some results soon, that would make all the difference! I know I would feel better AND be able to fit more comfortably into a LOT of clothes! So far, so good!

  3. deb said,

    September 7, 2012 at 5:28 AM

    So sorry about the car situation! Unfair and discriminating. I’m with you on the treat situation. Apparently I am on the see-food diet…have a very hard time resisting the munchies. Must stay clear.

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