Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Hi Guys!

I feel like I had better tell you all about the week when Mrs. Schmenkman was here before I totally forget what we did. Because, as you know, we are now FIFTY, and Capri’s P and D are both beyond that, and there is slippage and all.

The day after Schmenky arrived we headed across The Mitten to Grand Rapids to check out  The Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Capri Deb had been there the weekend before and was singing its praises, for good reason. It was most beauteous to behold!

Right after getting out of the car we were treated to something purty. Don’t you just love a good hanging basket?


Deb suggested the tram to see a lot of the sculptures. They were being all considerate about my poor procedure-d toes and I surely did appreciate it. The gardens were beautiful and they had all these unusual things. Since my three companions are all pretty handy in the garden, it was right up their ally.

This was so loverly changing colors. It made good use of a boring white wall.


Driftwood horse sculpture.


I think this was called Neuron.


Peaceful sitting spot.




I don’t remember what this was called. I will call it …..Machine Ribs.


We were stumped by this one. I have no culture. I don’t get art.


Capri Patt gets horses!!! She was a rider and owner and even competed in…. shows where they did tricks. I don’t know what you call what she did. Patt?


They had great tails in this area, maybe a homage to the horse tail?


The Capri’s! Among the tails!


This looks like a little horsey running in a field.


Not such a little horsey!!!



Capri’s Lis and Patt with Frederick and Lena Meijer, after whom the gardens are named. I know them because I have bought our food from their grocery store for the last 23 years. Schmenky gives a smooch. We tried to get her to lick the statue, like our blob friend Warren licks bells. She didn’t do it Warren. Maybe you could add statue licking to your resume. Just a thought.


It was a beautiful fall day, everything was in fine form.


Found in the children’s garden at an observation station.


Kind of gives you a new appreciation for the overlooked cattail, doesn’t it? Those Native Americans were using their noggins. Huggies on the vine.


I loved this statue. I think it was called The Storyteller, but it reminded me of The Grandpa and Ab-Cat.

He was so animated interacting with her.


Her attention was so rapt.


All of these ornamental cabbages reminded me of my Mom.


This was a first for me. The Capri’s did not know what this plant was, AND I DID!!!!! It was a popcorn plant. I learned it at a garden walk. When you touch the leaves they smell like popcorn. The flowers are yellow, just like popped corn.


Wolf pack.


Mowgli and Baloo were huge at our house at one time.


Isn’t this the coolest bark? We had gone inside to a tropical garden at this point. It was different and unique and HOT in there.


It looks like Capri P’s summer home in Florida.


Back into the main building, where even the floor is considered a work of art. I think Capri D said the leaves and flora were made of bronze and placed in with the floor material. We walked on a carpet of art!


The beams of the building looked like supporting trees. It was a beautiful place!


The day in Grand Rapids will be continued after a break for tomorrows Hodgepodge.



  1. Wendy said,

    October 10, 2012 at 11:35 AM

    Thanks Kel, I’ve wanted to go to the Gardens for years… took some great photos.

  2. Nan C said,

    October 10, 2012 at 4:00 PM

    Now I want to go. I’ve never been… to see Frederick’s gardens.

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