Andy Williams, Ron Burgandy and Halle Berry, That Ought To Get Your Attention

Hey Guys!

Here’s to hoping things will be a little calmer around here this week. Because last week? Was a blur.

I feel I am doing a lot of backtracking on the blob lately, skipping ahead, then slogging back to some uber important minor detail that I feel the need to share. How about a list to tie up some loose ends? Good, I was hoping you would say that.

First of all, I would like to share my sadness over the loss of Andy Williams in September. He holds a hallowed place in my childhood museum of recollection. My Mother was a fan, so therefore I was exposed to to the magic of Andy at a very early age. When asked in my baby book what were the popular songs the year I was born, she answered Moon River. We watched his television program and Christmas specials without fail. I wanted to BE in his family. Just call me Noelle. If we  had some way to record those specials back in the day, I would have worn.them.out. Seriously.

But this is my favorite part of Mr. Williams. It just isn’t Christmas without it. It oozes Christmas, it transports me back to my youth. i can’t even pick a favorite song. Oh, yes I can, Kay Thompson’s Jingle Bells. No wait, It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year. Welllll, maybe The First Noel. How about The Christmas Song?

You cannot decorate your tree to a finer soundtrack. There are other favorites, of course, but Andy is first and foremost. Our children claim him as well. Especially The Boy, who declared that there was no other Christmas music. He threw down the Christmas music gauntlet my Friends.

About a year ago, The Boy and I hatched a plan. We would go to Branson, Mo., head over to his Moon River theater, and listen to him sing his treasured Christmas songs, in real live person. It sounded grand. I told him we should go soon, Andy wasn’t getting any younger, and I had heard that he had been ill.

We never got there. But we’ll always have his cd. The soundtrack of the Christmas season.

Thank you Mr. Williams.

Lat Monday was a long day. The Boy and The Dane took Honey and I to the airport bright and early to catch a plane to Chicago, where we were picked up in a sporty PT Cruiser, by a friendly fellow from the mobility place where we purchased The Ab-Cat’s new van. We drove about an hour and some to Rockford, Illinois to actually lay eyeballs on in. Honey had done extensive internet and phone research, trying to find new wheels for her. New wheels that met his strict criteria; low mileage, never been in an accident, and other things I have already forgotten, because car talk, like fish talk, causes my eyes to glaze over.

Here he is, Ron Burgundy! We should really call him Ron Cognac, but that is not happening. She names all her wheels after Will Ferrell characters, not because he is her favorite actor of all time, it just worked out that way. Old Ron here is replacing Chazz Michael Michaels. Her wheelchairs have been named Ricky Bobby and…..well, I can’t really say what her present one is named. I will have to get back to you on that. I know it will test your patience mightily.


He is not quite drivable for her. We need to swap the hand controls that currently reside in Chazz, and there are few other things to be attended to, but then HALLELUJAH!!! she has wheels again!!!!!!!  She has been an amazingly patient girl.

We spent the majority of last week driving in a 3 car caravan, taking the 2 vans to this place or that place to swap this and do that. The last one hopefully occurs today, and then the insurance company can come and pick Chazz up for good. I am feeling nostalgic for him. He was Abby’s first wheels, her first taste of independance, and even though he was majorly uncomfortable, he was a good boy for her.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Honey for ALL his grueling research, and for purchasing the Chicago van, and not the Georgia van OR the Minnesota van, that were looking so appealing. Driving back from the Chicago area was far enough.

I had some BSF business to attend to this weekend. It is a retreat year and that means I have to register people and TYPE. Not my strong suits. I was working industriously when Halle Berry felt the need to visit. Right on all of my business.


She loves me, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Have a good Monday!

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