A Present For Abby

The Ab-Cat received a package in the mail yesterday from Mrs. Schmenkman. She knows all about losing a beloved pet. She painted  a picture of Abby’s little pup, Katie, who passed away in September.


Thank you Schmenky, for the lovely picture, but also for your sympathetic heart to Abby’s sadness.

We are missing our little poochi-doo. Even The Boy said he kind of missed her, and they had a tenuous relationship. We did not know how much effort she put into cleaning our kitchen floor. We didn’t know we would miss her greeting us at the back door. We had no idea how much we would miss her little presence where ever we were, cause she surely liked to be with her pack.

Thanks Schmenky, for thinking of our Girl.

1 Comment

  1. jammygal said,

    November 27, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    What a beautiful picture and thoughtful thing to do. We do miss our pets; it seems they are always underfoot, but maybe that’s what we miss the most-that and the greeting when you come home.

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