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The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys! It feels like I have been gone from The Hodgepodge a lot longer than two weeks!! I was in the midst of a Hectic, but I am glad to be back! Thanks, as always, to Joyce for hosting this little gathering every week!

1.  In the USA this coming Sunday millions will be watching as the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49’s in the Superbowl.  What was the last event you attended that could be described as super?

Is it that time of year again? Already? I am sure Honey will watch the game. I may pay attention to some of the commercials, but I do not typically watch the game. I am sportally challenged, but mainly it’s because Cheryl, CHERYL, I.DO.NOT.CARE!

2.  Share something you’re a fan of these days?

I am a fan of many things. A fan of Downton Abbey, tea, my iPad, the warm fireplace, the bun warmers in my car Juanita, down alternative throws, my Eddie Bauer fleece jacket, reading, Abby’s chocolate chip bars, not cooking, and my new tutee from Detroit 🙂

3. How do you feel about wings?  In case anyone is confused, I’m talking the edible appetizer kind.  What’s your preferred seasoning on a wing-hot, mild, teryiaki, sweet and sour, other?  Do you make your own or is there a favorite place you like to go for wings?

I am sad to say that I do not like wings, in other words, I am not a fan. Only Honey and The Boy partake, and they would probably say buffalo and hot and spicy.

4.  As long as we’re talking sports today…have you followed the Lance Armstrong story?  Did you watch his interview with Oprah and if so what was your reaction to his confession and subsequent remarks?

I saw bits and pieces of it and heard quite a bit of people dissecting what he said on other shows. What struck me the most is what a waste his whole career has been. What has he to show for all of his effort and hard work? Absolutely nothing. He is the winner of nothing. Even if he did win something without using the drugs, no one will believe he was clean. He has abused those who told the truth about him. He has lied to everyone he has ever come into contact with concerning his sport. What kind of legacy has he left as a son, a husband, a father. a friend, a teammate, or a co-worker? What his lack of integrity has cost him can probably not even be measured. He has caused his own downfall. Well, he caused it years ago, it is just coming out now. What a waste.

He is a cancer survivor though, you can’t strip him of that title.

5.  What’s a question you hate to be asked? 

Evidently about sports, I don’t seem to have very good answers this week!

6. The coaches in this Sunday’s big game happen to be real life brothers.  Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49er’s and his older brother John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens.  Were you and your sibling(s) competitive?  In what way? Are you still?  If you’re an only child how did you handle competition growing up? 

Since I only have one brother and we are 4 years apart, I would not say we were ever competitive. Neither one of us is competitive by nature anyway.

7.  What’s your favorite game involving a ball and when did you last play?  

I am going to say baseball because that is really the only sort of game that I watch (except the Olympics), and only when The Tigers are doing really well, so it’s not a regular thing. I have no idea when I last played, so I will say decades ago. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

There are chocolate chip bars on our counter. I am trying my darndest to ignore them. Sometimes my darndest is not enough.

A Blue Coat Every Five Years

Mousey found a new coat on the previously mentioned trip to The Value World. She needed a bigger, warmer, comfy coat to wear to work at her job of lifeguarding. She wears rather bulky clothes there and back and she is usually damp from swimming after her shift, so she needed something warm to zip herself into. She found this Eddie Bauer jacket with the questionable fur collar that mercifully snaps off. The inside tag says it is premium quality goose down. All for the bargain basement price of $1.60. No stains or tears or worn places, just unloved and unused. Except for that ratty collar, what up with that? The picture doesn’t expose the true ickiness of it.


This jacket reminds me of a purchase we made five years ago at a different Value World. Another blue coat for a Young Mouse. She needed it to go on a winter retreat with the youth group.

We did discover why that one was donated to the thrift store, it shed feathers like crazy.  She didn’t use it long. But it was cute. We re-donated it somewhere.

So far, so good on the feather shedding. We have not seen a one floating around.

I nominate the $1.60 Eddie Bauer down coat for the bargain of the month!

How about you? Any good deals out there?

This Weekend I Went To Downton

Hello my People. I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was a goodish mix of productivity and rest. The best kind.

On Saturday afternoon Mousey and I met up with some friends at the Ann Arbor Value World. I soldiered through the two roundabouts, very grateful there was not one car sharing it with me at the moment we were going through. I still growled the entire time.

Mousey and her friend had heaped carts. HEAPED. They did manage to whittle them down to a manageable size before we headed for the checkout. As I have said previously, I do not have much luck at that particular store. I mainly concentrated on fleshing out my lounging attire, and I did have some success there.

Pajama tops for my previously purchased black an brown pajama bottoms. The raspberry fleecy thing on the left ought to be a perfect addition because of it’s cheery color and it is as soft as kittens. All under $2 with the handy dandy half off coo-pin!


I know, I really don’t need anymore of these type sweaters. But the pink Sigrid Olson for $2.30 and the blue Designers Originals for .80 CENTS, can you say too good to pass up? I have seen this Sigrid Olson name before at The Goodfella’s in Florida and she has such unique prints. I may have to goggle her and see if she is someone special. Anyone ever heard of that brand?


This was a fun little thing! We are going to use it as a shell bag in Florida! We have looked for one at flea markets unsuccessfully. Hopefully it will stand up to the weight of the shells and the sand will just flow on through! It’s not as large as it appears in this picture. Not bad for .20 American pennies!


The weather this morning looks….weird. Misty, or foggy and drippy, and the whole thing looks dangerous. Looks like we had some sort of four legged visitor last night.


Generally, a very good indicator of visibility is if I can see the traffic light. I see no traffic light.


Honey decided to take a “dedicated nap” yesterday afternoon and I decided to take a “dedicated stab” at watching season 2 of Downton Abbey. I made a pretty good dent, about 5 episodes. I was so sad that a sweet character died! And you were right Oklahoma Tammy, I did see veins of humanity in Thomas and O’Brien that I had not previously seen before. I am still not willing to be their friend, but maybe they are not complete lost causes. I really need to get up to speed because the internet is buzzing about something bad that happened on season 3 last night. It was evidently something horrible and I need to get cracking, right quick!

The only set in stone thing on my calendar today just changed. My P.T. appointment was cancelled because my therapist lives many, many miles away and is not traipsing through the ice and sleet and …weirdness to come to work today. That leaves me with working on my BSF lesson and Downton Abby!!! I can work with that. What have you got going on?

Potent Quotable

Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail.  ~Proverb

Spring, summer, and fall fill us with hope; winter alone reminds us of the human condition.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966


Short for Friday’s List? Yes, No? Discuss.

I don’t know how your weather has been but it has been COLD up here in The Mitten. It is 10 this morning, which is better than 1, but not exactly balmy. We did have sunshine yesterday, which was pleasant I must say. Said just like Ed Grimley.

“I must say”.

It’s Friday, therefore it must be list day.

1. Look what Honey found on Craig’s List!


A king sized bed frame! We need to purchase a mattress, and we should probably have some new carpeting installed before we assemble it so we don’t have to move it twice. In the meantime it is residing in our garage. One of the perks of this bed frame, besides being a KING, is it goes nicely with our existing furniture. We aren’t ready to replace that at the moment. So it’s a win, win!

2. I made a startling discovery Wednesday when I had my eyes open during prayer at BSF leaders meeting. The last name on my nametag, that I have been wearing since SEPTEMBER, was spelled wrong. I mentioned it to Jip the Farm Dog (who made me the nametag) the next day and I said I don’t know which one of us is more pathetic, me for putting it on and wearing it and never noticing it for 4 months, or her for looking at me wearing it for 4 months and not noticing it. It’s a tie.

3. I had a loverly, L.O.N.G. lunch with Capri Deb yesterday after BSF. It had been well over a month since we had a face to face chat and there was much to discuss. She has very exciting things going on in her family! We then marveled at how our lesson in Genesis spoke volumes to us both in our completely different situations! God is so…..applicable. And personal.  Then we had to comiserate about concerns and solve some of the worlds problems while enjoying some yummy Arabic food. You know, the usual.

We then headed over to the friendly neighborhood Homegoods so she could pick up some flavored sweetener for her coffee and tea. They had some good sugar free sweeteners, and I found a lone bottle of chai! Score!!!!

4. Mousey and I have a date to meet up with another mom and daughter from our church on Saturday afternoon, to use up the last 50% off entire purchase coo-pin at The Value Word. We are going to the Ann Arbor location, which is especially popular with Mouse-Ann for some reason. She says she just has good luck there. My luck at thrift stores has no rhyme or reason. But I do find if I actually have a 50% off coo-pin, my luck is usually less. Deep thoughts to ponder.

5. I invited The Ab-Cat to join us, still riding high on her surprise decision to join us on the New Years Day trip to the Salvation Army. She flatly declined. Clearly, she has limits. It remains to be seen if the limit is once a month, or once a year.

6. Honey has said he might join us.

7. I hope he does, because travelling to the Ann Arbor location involves not one but TWO roundabouts. And you all know how I feel about them.

8. Whoever invented the roundabout SHOULD DIE. Just in case you didn’t know how I feel about them. Now you do.

9. I have been up since 3:45.

10. A magical time to be sure. I do it often for a reason known only to my internal clock.

What have you been up to? Or will you be up to?

Besides trying to stay warm.

Have a good weekend!




 button letter



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Today is a BIG day over here! It’s The Blob’s fifth birthday!!!! Really, I can not believe it!

 Fifth birthday party - Kiwi Families

It sort of snuck up on me. I was aware it was coming, but January has just raced by. I cannot believe it has been five years. Five years of learning, growing, living and capturing a goodish amount of it in this here online journal. I still enjoy blogging, but I must confess there was more blog fodder when the kids were younger and The Boy lived at home. I am pretty sure he still has much fodder going on over there in The Windy City, but I don’t always hear about it! I still think of things I want to share with Y’All, but many of days are played out just doing life without interesting tidbits. I have skipped some days, which Capri’s L and D assure me is fine. I am ever so thankful you have embraced The List with me, because sometimes random is where we are and I want to drag you along!

I am also thankful for the way this space helps me to stay connected with folks. Family, old friends, new friends and even blob friends I have never met! Our children think that is so bizarre! There are many more of you out there who stop in regularly and anonymously, and I am thankful for you too!

So here it is, the yearly request for comments, for the anonymous to reveal themselves, for the infrequent commenter’s to drop a line, and for all to wish The Blob a big old Happy Birthday!!!!! It’s all the present we could hope for!

Come have a piece of internet birthday cake!

The New Tutee

How about another God story from ABC’s in the D??

I have talked about tutoring in Detroit before, most recently here and here. After I went two weeks ago, I was in limbo. The coordinator decided to put my basketball loving 5th (I wrongly told you 4th grade) grade boy with a basketball loving high school boy. I am praying that they can forge a good relationship together.

So back to the limbo. I was told that I would have a third grade boy. He had come for the first time the week before, so I was just hoping that he would come two weeks in a row. Doesn’t sound like that big of deal, but it can be. I was praying to have a better relationship with this boy. I want to have a relationship with him. I am a very relational person.

He showed up!!! His father dropped him off right on time and we were introduced and he chose to go right into the math room.

Can I tell you I was nervous? I had no idea what to expect. He could have been unhappy to be there, disappointed that I was a girl, or as ornery and aloof as his predecessor. Well, that boy was a pure joy to be with.

PURE JOY. Did you get that? P.u.r.e. J.o.y.

It was so easy. He was open and friendly. Willing to work and learn. It was exciting to teach him something to help him remember, and watch him grin as he used it on the next problem! We talked and laughed and played Candyland (again, what is up with the Candyland??). We talked about telling time and counting money, he read the Bible story and answered the questions. He agreed, God is a Miracle Worker! He put the instructions of how to make a pizza in order and we talked a lot about opposites, because he did not understand that word. At all.

I know he has three sisters and two brothers, no pets. He likes basketball and football, but football best. He loves hot sauce and I told him my Boy does too! We had gum, he told me where he went to school and bashfully said that his teacher, a Miss Something, was real sweet. When it was time to walk to the gym, he grabbed my hand and held it all the way there. All throughout gym time I watched him, and he was watching me, just checking to see if I was still there and watching him playing Simon Says.

So many times during the morning I was overcome by God’s goodness. There were quite a few times my eyes welled up in gratitude and thankfulness for this dear little boy. When walking to the gym, I caught a friends eye and mouthed the words, “I LOVE HIM!”

I don’t think I would have ever asked for a switch from my other boy. I had prayed about who I was getting, so I figured I was where God wanted me. I would have kept trying and we would have endured each other for the rest of the season. I would not have wanted him to think I didn’t like him or was trying to get rid of him. I hope he is happy with his new tutor. At least they can play basketball!

Ephesians 3:20

New International Version (NIV)

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us

But God had a better idea. He always has a better idea. He gave me immeasurably more. He’s a really good God.

Potent Quotable

God has editing rights over our prayers. He will… edit them, correct them, bring them in line with His will and then hand them back to us to be resubmitted. ~Stephen Crotts

The Lord longs to hear all of our concerns – any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden.  ~Corrie Ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.  ~G.K. Chesterton

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