A Blue Coat Every Five Years

Mousey found a new coat on the previously mentioned trip to The Value World. She needed a bigger, warmer, comfy coat to wear to work at her job of lifeguarding. She wears rather bulky clothes there and back and she is usually damp from swimming after her shift, so she needed something warm to zip herself into. She found this Eddie Bauer jacket with the questionable fur collar that mercifully snaps off. The inside tag says it is premium quality goose down. All for the bargain basement price of $1.60. No stains or tears or worn places, just unloved and unused. Except for that ratty collar, what up with that? The picture doesn’t expose the true ickiness of it.


This jacket reminds me of a purchase we made five years ago at a different Value World. Another blue coat for a Young Mouse. She needed it to go on a winter retreat with the youth group.

We did discover why that one was donated to the thrift store, it shed feathers like crazy.  She didn’t use it long. But it was cute. We re-donated it somewhere.

So far, so good on the feather shedding. We have not seen a one floating around.

I nominate the $1.60 Eddie Bauer down coat for the bargain of the month!

How about you? Any good deals out there?


1 Comment

  1. jammygal said,

    January 29, 2013 at 7:39 PM

    I got a broach in Geneva Illinois that was 75% off. It was $3.00

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