Pillow Talk

It’s Friday again!

I don’t know about you, but this was a fast week for me. Capri Patt has been visiting from her winter home on Captiva Island, which has been FUN! But, unfortunately for her, it has been colder than a well diggers bum up here. ALL WEEK! Seriously cold, and blustery, and snowy. I am sure she would say it was worth it to spend a week with her precious granddaughter, but sheesh Old Man Winter, how about a break? It is snowing again as I type.

Our BSF class is heading down to Cincinnati next weekend for a big, grand Poobah gathering of ALL BSF leaders in our section of the United States called Leaders Retreat. I think retreat is an inaccurate word for this gathering. I would call it a conference. Retreat implies rest and relaxation. I have been to Retreat twice before and rest and relaxation are not on the menu. What IS on the menu is a LOT of walking between hotels and convention centers, a lot of sitting in sessions, listening to speakers, and rooming with those whom you are not accustomed to sleeping with.

Fortunately, I am rooming with Jip the Farm Dog, whom I have slept with on other occasions. We are good roommates because neither of us are high maintenance poodles, therefore neither are bathroom hogs. At the last retreat I attended, I also roomed with Jip. Unfortunately, because she did not check the correct box, we had to share a king sized bed. I have never let her forget this. I suppose I should, SIX YEARS LATER, let her off the hook about it. After all, I was the retreat chairman that year, as I have been every year since I have been in leadership, and I should have just checked the dang box for her.

Sharing the king sized been did have one major plus for me. One night, as we were trying to go to sleep, we were talking. As you do. Or as we do. It must have been our exhausted state, but she accidently let slip a HUGE secret. The secret was that our teaching leader at the time was retiring. Immediately after she said it, she said “I just told you something I wasn’t supposed to tell”. I helpfully said “Yes, you did”. I wonder if I will learn any news this year?

It turned out to not be such a great thing because then I had to keep the secret with her for about another 2 months. I did tell Honey, it was really BIG news.

Here is my advice, beware of Jip’s pillow talk.

Have a nice, warm, only good secrets kind of weekend.


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  1. February 23, 2013 at 8:06 AM

    Sorry it’s so cold; really I am even though I was sitting in the sun yesterday. I was wondering how 1200 miles could make such a difference in the weather.
    BSF needs to change the name “retreat.” I agree with you, it is certainly not what the word implies.

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