Thank You Lord

We prayed that there would be no big snow in The Mitten, and that nothing would break at our house while we were on vacation. We have occasionally experienced breakage whenever Honey leaves town to hunt and gather fish. Garage door coil breakage, pool pump spewing, and other things that are not coming to mind. It was important that there be no major issues because The Ab-Cat was home alone, and that could have been disastrous. Not to mention we would have had to call in the Calvary to help her and then our problems would have become their problems.

She sailed on through with no problems, thank you Lord!!!

However, right before we went away, Honey discovered a crack in our basement wall that was leaking much water, because we were having much melt-age.

basement leak 003


The leak was in his workroom, which is the very best place for us to have a leak because it is the only unfinished part. There were many phone calls with words like life time guarantee and size of crack involved. A very nice gentleman with a southern accent came yesterday to fix it. Hopefully, it will do the trick. Again, thank you Lord!!!

When I woke up yesterday and left the warm-ish cocoon of our bedroom, the first thing I noticed upon entering our family room was DANG, it was chilly out there! It is usually the exact opposite experience. I called Honey, who was still at work, and casually mentioned that it was 59 degrees in our house. No doubt it wasn’t any colder because we have zone heating and the back heater of our house had been running constantly, trying to make up the difference. He checked it out when he came home and said the fan was running but the gas thingy was not working. That answer will probably be good enough for everyone reading this here blob with the exception of BFG and Warren. Sorry Guys. I have no picture of the furnace because I wouldn’t know what I was looking for, and furnaces look even more boring than cracks in walls.

When Honey called to have a guy come out, they didn’t have anyone available until this morning. I am glad he came at 8:05 sharp because it is 20 degrees out there with flurries. And AGAIN I say, thank you LORD!!!!!!!

So, what’s new with you?



  1. warrenp94 said,

    March 20, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    My wife sometimes calls me “that gas thingy”. You have to show us a pic of your gas thingy though…I am curious!

  2. March 22, 2013 at 3:48 AM

    Nothing happened at home. Uncle Buck did a good job even if the girls partied here. However in Florida we had the bed bug incident which left me quite upset for a few days. But now it is a funny story I tell…..I have refined the story many times. Hindsight is wonderful for perspective. I am glad your problems were fixed.

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