Trip to the Volunteer State

Hey Y’All, we are back from Tennessee! We certainly heard all manner of accents while there, and many y’alls. Mousey feels absolutely sure she will adopt a southern accent within a week or two of school.

We arrived home well after midnight, but not quite morning yesterday, and all promptly fell into bed. It had been a long drive, starting about 5 on Saturday night.

We arrived in Jackson on Thursday night to 83 degrees and full on spring!! My lands, it was purty down there. We barely have any buds up here in The Mitten and they had LEAVES, and FLOWERS. It was delicious. Later that evening the rains came. And came. And some places had some right wicked weather, but not right where we were. But the rain? It snatched up all the warm weather and left us with a lot of grey, temps around 40/50, and a bracing wind, and you know we were out walking in that about every 15 minutes, traipsing all over campus.

We started our day at Union University.

They had a lovely campus, everything seemed very new. Mousey told us after the visit that she had read there had been a tornado go through there in 2008 and basically flattened the place, and then I read that they had been hit by another tornado previous to that one. Hmmmm.

The campus was great, about 4000 students, which was in the right target area. Mousey wanted to go to a college that was smaller than her high school of about 7000. The surrounding area had pretty much everything one might need, stores, restaurants. The nursing program looked very interesting, but she is still uncertain about her major. Dorms were suite style, but not connected by hallways, each were independent in the same building. Our tour guide was a very sweet girl who said UM a LOT and very loudly. We couldn’t help but notice. If one were playing a drinking game every time it came out of her mouth, one would be drunk. I don’t tell you this as any sort of condemnation of her, just an amusing event of the day. She also told us that the unofficial school motto was “A ring by spring!” She was a junior and I did notice that there was no ring on her finger. Think what you will.

There was much to like about this university, but Mousey said she could not see herself there. On to number 2, Bryan University in Dayton, Tennessee. It was about 4 hours east of Jackson. Go Lions.

We spent the night in Spring Hill, because Dayton? She is a itty bitty little place. This was a very small college. Much smaller than we had anticipated. The site we were looking at told us 1200, but one of the faculty we spoke with said around 900. That is a little more than the size of Mousey’s graduating high school class! It also had a very nice campus. I was very impressed with the faculty there, they seemed very involved with the students. I sat in on a class with Mousey while Honey sat through the financial aid/scholarship portion of the show.

Our tour guide, Luke, was formerly from Michigan, but most recently from North Carolina. He was a real nice fellow, very personable, with a good sense of humor. When a very large bug landed on his shirt, he helpfully said to not be afraid. He named the really big mosquito-y thing and said he would have been scared too, but he had learned in class what its name was and that it was harmless. So cute! People down there all had the same reaction when we said where we were from. Oh, that’s FAR! Unfortunately, this school was crossed off Mousey’s list due to size.

The 2 previous schools were having events for prospective students. I can’t remember what they are called. I will name them Come and See days. The third school was not, but since we were in the area they graciously allowed us to come and gave us a private tour, which was right nice of them!

Lee University was about 45 minutes away in Cleveland, Tennessee. I feel I need to say Tennessee each time so you don’t think we have moved on up to Ohio. The states share many, many cities!

This was such a cute town! Just darling, everything you might expect in a small southern town. Our tour guide Clay said he had just come from a picnic. Mousey thought he was a good representative, I believe her word was beautiful! He did have very nice eyes. Loverly campus, nicely landscaped (a fun fact for Schmenky), of course they had not had tornados ripping through there recently. About 4400 students, so the size was right. Because we were not with the usual herd of Come and See people we did not get to see a classroom or hear from any faculty. When we left, Mousey said it was a possibility.

While talking on the way home, she told us she had pretty much decided to keep looking, and possibly expand her search into Kentucky and Georgia. While waiting, she would take another semester of community college, because she is about 4 credits shy of being a transfer student. She has also decided to retake her ACT test in hopes of raising it 2 points, that would qualify her for quite a bit more scholarship money.

And there you have our whirlwind, weekend to Tennessee, home of my Mother’s People.



  1. deb said,

    April 22, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    Your Mousey is proactive and thoughtful in her choices and decisions. Bravo for her! She will be just fine in whatever her final choice is.

  2. warrenp94 said,

    April 23, 2013 at 12:35 PM

    I don’t know if you have thought of Berea college in KY but I had a few friends go there and it is a spectacular school from all I have head and probably close to her target size but maybe a little smaller. Best part is that you work for your tuition. It’s in beautiful country too! There are several loverly schools in WV too…just sayin’…

    I have to tell you, if she spends much time in the South, she will indeed gain an accent. It took me a few years but people back home in PA tease me all the time now. Now the people in PA have an accent…I talk normally!

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