Cats, Burgers, and Bobcat Pretzel

This morning I was woke by a cat, with a very large girth, chasing her tail. REPEATEDLY. At 6a.m. What the heck Mia? She only does that on days when I don’t need to be up at 6. She is like my own personal alarm clock.

I set a goal for myself on Saturday. To Windex the kitchen door wall. Set and met Baby! And then I completely topped myself by vacuuming. After that kind of day, I could not manage dinner so we headed over to a neighboring town for a burger. This placed boasted of stuffed burgers, stuffed with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, feta, mac and cheese, among other things. Honey and Ab-Cat chose cheddar, bacon and mushroom stuffing. I chose no stuffing, because they looked too big, and there had been mention of ice cream. Mousey had a chicken sandwich, because she is opposed to beef. Honey and Ab said they would go again and try and take The Boy because he is all for stuffed food. I would decline, as they had seasoned ground beef and I am strictly a salt and pepper hamburger girl. Mousey could probably be swayed. The fries were good though!

Sometime this weekend we watched The Impossible. Possibly the most uncomfortable movie I have encountered since the one about the climber who cut off his own hand. This was about the tsunami in Thailand and was heartbreakingly sad and good at the same time. If you can watch it sitting still, you are better than me. It was hard to dodge all that debris, just saying.

This is Mousey’s last week of her first year of college! I took her picture because she looked so cute, and this may have been the first time all year that she wasn’t wearing sweat pants! She cannot believe how FAST the year went! Please forgive the bad staging.


And another with her girl Lucy. Who whined and carried on because NONE of out cats are willing to be held. EVER.


She left us in a huff, leaving behind anger fur all over Mousey’s top.

At some point over the weekend, we Girls watched Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. We had seen it years before and liked it both times. I have one other thing to say; Bobcat pretzel.

After Saturday’s glorious, warm and sunny day, we had to have some yucky to be fair. Michigan is nothing if not fair. It rained cats and dogs and antelope all day yesterday and it made for a perfect laundry day. Honey dozed on the couch like a cat while I lay on the heating pad and  kept up with my heavy schedule of Words With Friends. People, I tell you it’s like a job! It’s like we are 93 years old.

Today is reserved for doing my BSF lesson and running errands. Of which I must GIT to.

Have a productive Monday.


1 Comment

  1. Joyce said,

    April 29, 2013 at 2:39 PM

    We were in Florida for a few days and got home at midnight. Then I had a painter show up at 9 am to start painting a bedroom…she was productive, me maybe not as much : )

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