Horatio Saves The Day

Hi Guys! Holy Moly, where has the month of May gone?? It’s like the weeks after childbirth, tired, incoherent, and tinged with suffering.

I can’t remember when I have been laid so low for so long, GEEZ LOUISE, it seemed never ending! Spring was just starting when I succumbed to The Scourge of Twenty Thirteen. At one doctor appointment, spring was in the air. The second doctor appointment was full on spring, the third, spring was on the wane and it seemed mostly like summer had arrived. All without my knowledge, and seriously, I could have cared less.

Thank you all so much for your comments, prayers and concern, good friends are a kiss on the cheek from God!

The Sickness is broken into three weeks, each highlighted by its own brand of suffering. The first sign of illness began on a Tuesday. The Ab-Cat and I had gone on a dry run to Detroit for her jury duty date. We were looking for the parking garage options, because there was NO WAY she was going to park far away and have to navigate the People Mover, she might have never found her vehicle again! Honey had programmed the GPS with one of the addresses and it kept telling us the parking was on the right, where there was parking, but not the parking we were supposed to use. We just kept going around and around the block, looking for other places.

We finally had a plan, there was a choice A and a choice B, and if those didn’t work I told her to come home and she could be rescheduled. I realize that is probably not the best solution, but Girlfriend was getting stressed, and her hand that works the hand controls was seriously tired. I would have done the same thing, COME AND GET ME COPPER!!!!!

Anyway, all that to say that we were stressed and hot and that is when we made the discovery that the air conditioning in her new van was not working. Not even a little bit. I was very warm, but as you might remember, it is a common state to find myself. I also had a headache, also not uncommon, considering the situation and location. Detroit is not my favorite place to be, and we were not keen on sending our sweet little vulnerable, handicapped daughter down there by herself. I can’t think of an adult who is 100% calm about jury duty, and Detroit is a big, busy place.

So the air conditioner was broken and I was unnaturally warm. You can imagine my surprise when I was freezing a short time later. Something in my memory, from decades past, was jogged and I took my temperature. 101, well that was unusual. I seriously cannot tell you the last time I had a fever. We are not a feverish bunch around here. It was very odd. By the evening it was 102 and my only symptoms were the headache and my body felt achy. I figured I had the flu and called Jip the Farm Dog to let her know that I was iffy for BSF. I never did go.

The rest of the week was passed on the couch. Really, on the couch. I did nothing except drink fluids, take my fluctuating temperature, alternate between sweating and freezing, and watch CSI MIAMI and Criminal Minds, because they are on all the time. I felt terrible, but was sure it was just a virus. I had a scheduled doctor appointment on Friday for something unrelated and decided to keep it as I had already rescheduled it once. It felt good to be cleaned up and dressed for about 5 minutes, and then I longed to put my jammies back on and lay back down on the couch.

Around this time Honey said he wasn’t feeling well. Honey is rarely sick either. He had a horrible cold and cough and he then took up residence on the other couch for the week. As you know, we are married and we have to do everything together. Including the sickness and health part evidently.

We were at Judgment Call Friday. Does that happen to you? It has happened here many times, usually involving children. You either go to the doctor now, or you wait until after the weekend.I had considered going to see the doctor, but I had only had a fever for 4 days and it seemed like it was just flu-ish, and what was she going to do for that? I made the decision that I would go to the doctor on Monday if I didn’t feel better. The decision ensured I would have the worst weekend I could have anticipated.

Oh, the headache, the body aches, the SWEATING, the freezing, and the feeling that can only be described as my eyes bugging out of my head. The fever was 104 and that was going the wrong way. I made a date with the doctor on Monday. She knows that I like to have a strange illness every May, right before I head down to Virginia for my annual Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza Hootenanny at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house. She took blood and urine and then gave me the sad, sad news. I had a symptom free UTI. I have heard of this ailment on three other occasions, and all three involved elderly women!!! What exactly was she trying to say????

The last UTI I had was when I was pregnant with Mousey, some 19 years ago. And let me tell you, it was not symptom free. How could this be? I guess I am old. Elderly Capri Kel.

She put me on a five day course of Cipro. Did you know that they give Cipro if you might be exposed to anthrax? I learned that from Criminal Minds, fancy that! I felt a change by the next day. I had a couple of days when I thought I was returning to the land of the living. I had great hopes and dreams that I would be off the couch and could say goodbye to my new best friends from CSI MIAMI. I had switched from regular tv to Netflix, where I could watch episode after episode, with no thought or care. It was at this point that I let the good folk from Criminal Minds go. They still had commercials. It became all CSI Miami, all the time.

Then I entered the second phase of sickness. I caught Honey’s horrible cold that weekend and slipped back into my haze of ill health. By that time I was thoroughly disgusted with our faulty Netflix. It is of the devil. It only connects when IT wants to, it interrupts for NO GOOD REASON, and sometimes it tells you, right in the middle of an episode, that it’s done for the day. Netflix, you are dead to me. Abby graciously went and got me seasons of CSI MIAMI from our library. Did you know that show was on for 10 years!!?? She had to make two library runs. I have now completed the first four seasons of CSI MIAMI. Yea me.

I finally made it back to BSF last Thursday, with my tail hanging about half mast. But I still wasn’t feeling good or right. I had finished my anti-anthrax meds a few days before and my cold was improving, but I was having some familiar unwelcome symptoms again. I had a headache, I resumed with the sweating, what is up with the sweating, and had that eyes bugging out of my head feeling again. Jip the Farm Dog convinced me to call and get a doctor appointment that day, and she was right. It was back.

The doctor thinks the cold diverted my immune system, and she put me on a different antibiotic for ten days. I reminded her that I am leaving for Virginia this Thursday and I need to not be dealing with the sweating, eye bugging girl while I am gone. She agreed. This round should carry me through until I get home. Not that I am expecting it to come back again, but you never know. 

It’s a good thing I am feeling better, I am all finished with the CSI MIAMI’s Abby brought from the library. Thanks Lt. Horatio Caine and all of your CSI team, you have served me well.



  1. May 20, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    Oh my word, girlfriend, you have been one sick puppy. So sorry. Hope you feel better this week so you can have your regular good times with Mrs. S. I am finally back to blogging….I hope.

  2. CapriP said,

    May 21, 2013 at 4:43 AM

    Thank Goodness!!

  3. Laurie said,

    May 21, 2013 at 7:47 AM

    I feel tired after reading the story of “The Scourge of Twenty-thirteen”.
    Perhaps I’ll try the couch for awhile!!!! So glad you are feeling better. Have a great time with my baby seester.

  4. jodaley said,

    May 23, 2013 at 7:24 AM

    Oh my word-sounds awful! I don’t think the sympton free UTI is entirely reserved for the elderly, so no need to feel ‘old’ : ) Hope you have a great trip and are now on the road to complete recovery!

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