A Peek at Sassy Cat Hill

I flew down to Virginia last Thursday after BSF Sharing Day, with my little suitcase packed in my empty big suitcase, my carry on purse filled with my People magazine, camera and iPad, and armed with my latest round of antibiotics. I was going to make something out of this lost month of May, or die trying!

What we made was a very swell holiday weekend! My flight was about 45 minutes late coming and going, which is very out of character, but we managed nicely. We ate at one of our two favorite troughs (buffets for you newbies), this one had yummy pulled pork, roast beef and chicken, and then we let the shopping begin!

One of my favorite treats this year was the Merchandise Return Card from Ross Dress For Less. We do not have Ross in The Mitten, it seems to be a southern store, so I shop there only when I am in Virginia or Florida. Mousey has a fondness for the Ross as well. Ross has a very generous return policy. Just keep your receipt. That’s it. I am accomplished at keeping my receipts, I am my Mother’s daughter, and she taught me well.

For some reason I had a plethora of returns to the Ross this year, accumulated from my last years trip to Virginia and our trips to Florida. Some clothing I had never worn for a variety of reasons, a pair of Converse high tops The Boy did not like the fabric on, and 2 prom dresses Mousey bought the last time we were in Florida, for the home school prom she did not end up going to. We were both sad to return one of those prom dresses. It was a sleek black Calvin Klein number that looked adorable on her, but I ask you, how often do you need a darling, floor length prom dress? We had to let it go.This is what I received in return for the plethora;


$199.03 in returns, and still $45.84 left!! It was like shopping with FREE money!!! When I told Honey this story he said it wasn’t FREE, but he just doesn’t get my logic. I whittled that baby down to $45 dollars with no additional charges to my well used Visa card, that is as FREE as it gets for me!!!!! Mousey will be happy to help me whittle even further the next time we are in Floridy!

In years past, I have shopped extensively for my family. Since I can no longer predict their needs or wants, save the obvious choice as a surprise twinkie I shopped primarily for myself. I was quite comfortable with this arrangement.

So far this post seems to be about shopping, but I have not photographed my purchases yet, so it all seems to be a big tease. We are going to fast forward to the Schmenkman’s home, Sassy Cat Hill. You know all great southern homes have names. They live in the hills of the Blue Ridge mountains, and they definitely have sassy cats, hence the awesome name.

This little pond is right outside their front door.


It has many trees in front of it.


And the Blue Ridge mountain, Skyline Drive in particular, in front of them.


Quite a change for a flat-lander like myself.

Now, to the back yard. Everywhere you look, there is an array of purty. I always feel like I need to get home and get BUSY.


Love, and more love.


This path takes you down to the chicken coop. A very nice path to free eggs.


There were many frogs sunning when I started my photo shoot, but I skeert them all into the pond when I walked by.


This is the newest addition to The Hill. Literally and figuratively. The beautimous new sunroom.


It is the perfect addition, lots of windows to take in all of the …..nature that goes on around there. Birds and squirrels, deer and BEARS.

Schmenk spends a LOT of time right here. Watching, computering and such.


The Sassy Cats have also declared this their prime napping spot. Note the princess pillow, scattered cat beds, and de-furring towels that mark the favorite spots.


Very cozy, to be sure!


That’s all for today. There are still some animals and people to show, plus the purchases, I don’t know how many posts I can milk out of this trip! Have a good Thursday!



  1. deb said,

    May 30, 2013 at 8:48 AM

    So good to read you again! SCH and its peoples are dear to my heart, glad you had a good visit.

  2. warrenp94 said,

    May 30, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    The Mrs always brags about how much she saves by shopping at Kohls…because they tell you saved money on each piece. And then they always give a 15% off or whatever. Like yours, her maths don’t add up!

  3. June 2, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    What a beautimonious place. One could relax there the rest of one’s life!

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