Inside and Outside at The Hill

The Schmenkman’s have more than sassy cats on their Hill. In addition to 6 inside and 2 outside Sassy Cats, they have 2 rabbits, a quail, 2 pheasants, Cedric the turtle (who is their oldest pet at 17, I think Schmenk said), a rooster and a bevy of chickens, a beaver, several released back into the wild squirrels, and 3 next door neighbor horses. I am quite certain Schmenky will correct me if I am wrong!

Since she is a certified wild life rehabilitator, she often has babies in cages. This was the last of her spring squirrel babies, Pippy. She is adorable and BUSY. She is a total ADHD squirrel.


She was all over that cage! My favorite was when she jumped straight up and down, just to release some energy.


Sideways, upside down, in and out of her bed and a play box. Schmenky thinks she will have her another couple of weeks before she is released into the Sassy Gardens.


Here is my best friend Poppet giving me what Schmenk calls “special loves”. That’s when she crawls up on your shoulder and purrs. I have not been blessed to have them before so I felt special special!


Oh yeah, she loves me.


And I love her back.


This is the yard chicken, Prudence. There are many others in a coop down the hill but Pru gets to wander the yard during the day. She is like a dog following Schmenky and she even comes running when she is called!!!


My camera was not working when Paddy the beaver was up and about, but I show you his compound so you can see that he is learning to do beavery things very nicely. All that stuff in the back is his handiwork.


I was having battery problems all weekend until I bought some that are supposed to last NINE TIMES LONGER than regular batteries. That did the trick. I think our rechargeables have bit the dust or the charger has, one or the other.

There you have a small smackeral the Sassy pets.

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  1. June 2, 2013 at 3:09 PM

    I think the squirrel might have been tired of his cage, do you think? I have had battery problems too-especially the rechargeables (that isn’t a word, I guess). Love the pictures!

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