Good Buys and Good Byes

What would the trip to Virginia be without the shopping??!!

We do not shop from dawn to dusk as we have in years past. Even Mr. C commented that once upon a time we would never have returned home in daylight. But alas, we are aging shoppers, therefore we have our limits. And they get earlier every year. It didn’t help that we were both in varying stages of recovery. Schmenk from a truly heinous throat/cold ailment, and me from The Scourge of 2013. She could probably borrow that title for herself! We blew our noses and coughed all over several towns without fanfare, but we managed.

On my trip last year, I rediscovered the comfort and convenience of the dress. It had been YEARS since I had worn one except to a wedding or such. I purchased the dress on the left at Ross and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I wear it to BSF and church. I like the long skirt on the right too.


After some consideration I decided I would like to try a maxi dress, because they have been everywhere for the last couple of years and that is about my timetable for jumping on a bandwagon. Also, the long skirt was good preparation for taking the plunge. I knew it would have to be a certain kind of long dress, because dresses that tell you where your bust is supposed to go are not my friends, and the majority of the maxi dresses I saw were of this variety. If I wore it where their expectations were, It would plunge to expose my entire chestal region. I guess you could say I am long chested as well as long waisted. Maybe I am just L.O.N.G.

But I found the perfect maxi dress for the long chested woman! All it required was a small safety pin to keep body and soul together! It actually sits at my waist, which means it will not be a good maxi dress for anyone but me and my kind! The one on the right has neither waist or bust line, so it’s all good.

I have to say that all the pattern conceals a lot of …..stuff that needs concealing.


Already worn so the tag is gone, gone, gone, but I think $16.99 and Calvin Klein $39.99. I wore the first one last Sunday when Mr. C took us ladies out to see his new Precious, a BASS BOAT that he is SUPER excited about!!!!!!! That’s 7 exclamations because 7 is God’s number! Afterwards, he took us to The Cracker Barrel for breakfast because he is a big old hunk of honey. I was as pleased with my purchase as he was with his! Well, he was more excited, I will give him that.


Two additional dresses, both $12.99. I like to keep a good thing going. I really could wear these in my everyday life, they aren’t that dressy. My children will hate what they call the cheetah print. I like a little cheetah, or a lot of cheetah.


Longer flowing tops. I have things to mask, and those things are requiring a wardrobe overhaul. $8.99  $11.99. More cheetah.


Ross 8.99, and some thrift store finds. That orange shirt is so cute but it did not photograph so cute at all. Schmenk found it for me,  Loft $2.99. She found this one too,  Charter Club $1.99!! I had mentioned that I had a hankering to find a long shirt that I could wear with capri leggings, in my ever present search for comfort. I looked high and low and continually struck out. She found this at the last thrift store, on the way to the airport! For a hundred and ninety nine pennies!!!!! I am excited to try it with my also purchased, thrifted capri leggings. I did not photograph them, as well as any of the other purchased black things. I have learned not to do that because I don’t know how to make them look like anything other than black blobs. So I will just tell you that as per usual, I purchased many darling, black, unphotographed things.


Also thrifted, Gap $1.99 cardi. If Mousey did not already have a long grey sweater I would be afeared she would steal this one. The Madison $4.00 blue one goes very nicely with jeans.


My jean capris have all passed into the very casual attire department. Sometimes you need to dress it up a bit and that area was sadly lacking. In my closet anyway. Both of these were found at Ross. Lee $11.99, khaki Bandolino, $16.99


There is a little sparkly bling on the pockets and leg. Just a little, I am not 14 you know. How can BLING not be a word Spellcheck?? Get serious.


This was where my excitement peaked! Shoes can be hard for me, I have issues. Serious heel height issues.

I can no longer wear flats, hurts the back.

Cant be too high, I don’t like to tower over Honey and we are now the exact same height. He really needs to quit all the shrinking or we are going to have a problem.

Have to be comfortable! The days of really cute but uncomfortable shoes is long gone.

Therefore, I am always on the lookout. It is not uncommon for me to look for a year or two to find the perfect replacement for a beloved pair of sandals. I try and have the new pair before the old pair kick the bucket, so there won’t be summers with no shoes. The days of getting by with a pair of flip flops and a pair of church shoes are long gone too.

I have looked. I have searched high and low. I have hunted in Florida, Virginia and Michigan. I was in dire straits. My BELOVED silver sandals were teetering on the edge of abomination. My black sandals were replaced last year by a pair of Clarks that I cannot find love in my heart for. The soles of my trusty, reliable, brown Born’s were just getting worn OUT. It left me with a pair of navy blues that I like, but as you know, navy doesn’t work with black, and I represent black a LOT. In addition, there were a few others that I like to call specialty sandals; they only go with certain outfits. People, I was in a precarious circumstance.

BUT, look what I found! TWO pair of silver sandals to love! One pair to wear with Honey and one to wear sans Honey!


And if that weren’t enough, there were these new friends!!!!!!! SEVEN exclamations AGAIN! I am hoping there will be much love in my heart for the black Born, I don’t need another unloved pair of black sandals in my closet. I almost always do well with that brand. The brown Skechers are promising as well! It was like a kiss on the cheek from a really good God who evidently wants me shod!


Mr. C was around to take our end of trip photography session this year. It was very helpful and required much less effort on Schmenky’s part. All that running back and forth, setting the automatic camera timer can be taxing. Here are the two Schmenkmans, each wearing a new purchase.


Thank you again for having me Schmenk! As usual, we had ourselves a big and rich time!


I think there is one more Virginia post in me. Just random thoughts and happenings. Coming soon to a blob near you,



  1. deb said,

    June 3, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    You did great! Love this year’s photo.

  2. caprilis said,

    June 3, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    Good heavens… am I really THAT puffy in the face? I don’t look like that in the mirror… maybe it was allergies… yeah, that’s it ALLERGIES!

  3. pravolar said,

    June 3, 2013 at 2:28 PM

    I need clothes so bad……will you be my personal shopper? PLEASE.?

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