The Loose Marbles

Hi Guys!

I am going to gather some last thoughts from The Memorial Day Extravaganza Hootenanny of 2013 that are rolling around in my brain like marbles. Everything rolls around in my brain like marbles, random thoughts, to do lists, facts that no one needs to know, memories, and quotes from movies. I say it is what makes me…..unique. Honey says it’s a pure ADD.

Anyhow, I am sure I have forgotten more than I will share, but I will share.

I believe that I have mentioned in years past that Mrs. Schmenkman has Sirius radio in her car. This radio is featured no where else in my life, so I always enjoy listening to hers. We listen to the music of our younger years, country, the present offerings and some comedy channels if we are driving a little further than usual. A lot of the comedy channels are, shall we say, inappropriate, but there are some that are just funny and only mildly inappropriate. Plus, Sirius gives you the added bonus of showing you on the screen who you are listening to, so you might be able to remember who you liked a lot, or if you had better turn the channel quick before your ears catch on fire.

The comedy channel we frequent the most is Blue Collar Comedy and they have an older woman who is HILARIOUS. Her name is Jeanne Robertson, and she tells stories of her life with her husband, Left Brain. She talks about a wide variety of ordinary things but somehow turns them into funny stories, all told in a very southern voice. I share this clip, which is not the funniest thing I have ever heard her tell, but it was short and funny and a good length if you wanted to have a listen and not make a huge commitment. There are lots of other clips on Youtube that are longer, and that is her wheelhouse, weaving you a funny story with lots of detail. She is TOTALLY clean too, check her out.

As we were listening to the music channels, I was reminded that there are always a couple of songs that seem to be featured for the weekend. They just kept coming on! This years featured songs were It’s a Beautiful Day by Michael Buble and Boys Round Here by Blake Shelton, who can be an amusing fellow.

I know that there were several things that happened that I immediately thought “that’s going on the blob!”, but I can only remember one. As we were driving to Winchester I noticed a big church that I didn’t remember seeing before. When I commented about it Schmenky said “ I go there to give blood, they have better snacks”. People, can I just say that this amused me? I said “better than what?” She said that they had homemade snacks prepared my the little old ladies of the congregation, as opposed to the prepackaged stuff you get elsewhere. I was not aware that one could have a favorite blood donation center. I am now aware.

As I mentioned previously, Schmenk has 6 indoor cats. The triplets, Kibbles, Bits and Kubota, and Kismet, Poppet, and Casey Lee Bumgardner. All of her fur children are polite, but Poppet and Casey like me better. Poppet loves me, as she loves all company. But this year, Casey was more attentive than usual. He decided that he liked my hair and would sit behind me and nuzzle my head and mark my hair and then give me a big coco-butt, banging my head with his head. He usually did this when we were watching tv at night. After his……attention, he would sleep on the back of the couch behind me. He felt the need to have his tail on me during this period.








Tail loves.

Speaking of watching tv, on the plane down to Virginia I had a nice, chatty, seatmate. She was telling me that she didn’t watch much tv but she LOVED HGTV, and her favorite show lately was called Rehab Addict. I had never heard of it, but it sounded interesting and like something Honey and I would enjoy. I made a mental note of it and promptly forgot the name of the show. After Schmenky picked me up from the airport I was telling her about my trip down, because I usually have something to report because I attract chatty or unusual people. I know, it’s a gift. I began telling her about my seatmate and the HGTV show that sounded interesting. I evidently did not remember many pertinent details because Schmenk did not know what I was talking about. Later, THAT EXACT SAME EVENING, we were watching HGTV just before going to bed, and there it was, on the tv! She said, “oh yeah, I like this show”. We watched it and I liked it too! Small world. I watched it with Honey last Thursday night and he liked it too!

Ok, those are my random marbles. How about you, any random marbles out there? Do tell.



  1. Cindy Stratton said,

    June 4, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    You never fail to amuse me!

  2. deb said,

    June 4, 2013 at 6:49 PM

    No random marbles from me today. But I sure did enjoy yours!

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