F-List of Many Gifts

Hi Guys.

I just have a little bit of time here before I head out to my Dad’s place. He has listed his house and so far he has had some serious interest in buying. That means my summer just got a whole lot busier! We are tackling some drawers and closets today, and whatever else we have time for. There will be a lot of downsizing involved with this move, so he has some decisions to make.

How about a list?

Capri’s Patt and Deb came yesterday to get their hairs cut. That also involves lunch, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby and now, Yogurt City. Which is good, but can’t compete with Sweet Frog in Virginia. I am truly sorry Yogurt City, but that’s a fact Jack.

I have a sweet bartering deal with these gals. I do their hair, and they help me manage my life.

While she was here, Patt arranged the patio/deck/pool area flower pots for me. She is a pot whisperer. One of her many gifts.

I had another job for her. We are having a clicker problem over here. A serious clicker problem. I said I needed something to corral them. Something…..attractive looking. She found this at Homegoods. Looks like a big book, but it’s sneaky!


The WII clicker isn’t even in there, hasn’t turned up yet. The tv clicker doesn’t fit, it’s too long, but I can handle 1 being out and about!


See? Looks like a book! A big secret squirrel, hiding book!


Deb is my tailor, sewer/mender. She brought me mended sleep pants that we both forgot she had. I swapped them out for more mending. One of her many gifts.

The Peanuts Champ bought me this twinkie at a garage sale, isn’t she a big old hunk of honey? She is so thoughtful! One of her many gifts.


Honey has a new tv show. We think it is intolerable. He calls it The Turtle Man, maybe that is even it’s name. He mimics this ridiculous person’s pose and shouts “LIVE ACTION!!!” . The Girls and I are not sure what to do with this new…character. Imitating characters, one of his many gifts.

Have a good weekend, hope it is full of many gifts.



  1. Cindy Stratton said,

    June 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM

    I have one of those fake books in my bedroom on the nightstand – it has pink flowers with some gold outlining the flowers – I keep my Lease in it since it’s so bulky and who knows what else is in there. Tuesday Morning has tons of them in various sizes along with round ones that look like old fashioned hat boxes. Love Tuesday Morning almost as much as Home Goods!

  2. deb said,

    June 14, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    I need to visit Sweet Frog more to tell the difference, Yogurt City was pretty delicious! Thank for the haircut and color, I know I owe you much more sewing to balance our bartering.

  3. CapriP said,

    June 14, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    That big remote will too fit! Angle it. 🙂

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