Some Stuff

Here are some of belongings Mousey and I have brought home from the lake house.

My Mother loved jewelry. And of course she still had every piece she had ever owned, because she was sentimental and a firm believer that things would come back into style someday. When she was going somewhere, she was all put together!!

We went through three full drawers of beads, pins, pearly things, chunky necklaces (oh, she hearted the chunky necklace!!) bracelets, skinny ropes, any size of earring you could ever hope for and quite a few items you would hope never to see again. She liked the bling, the statement jewelry, and for some unknown reason, had  great love in her heart for the almost extinct stickpin.

We followed her tastes through the small, elegant 50s, the funky 60s, the seriously questionable 70s and 80s, the Premier home jewelry parties of the 90s with their BOLD, SHINY, GOLD and SILVER accessories (of which I have many myself!), and on into the 2000s, where I think the majority of items in my little box came from.

Mousey had her boxes, and here is mine. All earrings and 2 bracelets.


She wore this charm bracelet for years. It has work related charms, some acquired during travel, a couple from her husband and a boy and girl to represent Beeve and I. I can’t see myself wearing it, but I am happy to have such a potent memory of her.


I have to say that she wore her jewelry, even the things that we thought were impossibly funny! I remembered about 3/4 of it and she wore it all a lot! We have not done anything with her valuable stuff. It seems too….personal. Still.

My Mother and I had the same Christmas dishes. She always said that I would inherit hers. I now have enough to feed many people and could probably divide them between our three children! She did have some mugs that I did not have. I like mugs better than cups and saucers.


I told you, she had the candles! I need 6 taper candles each Christmas. I am probably good for a couple years.


Not only are we going through my Mother’s things, there are many of my Grandmother Georgia’s things sprinkled in. I am pretty sure this was hers. Love it.


We brought home my Mother’s china that I once told you had pinecones on it. I was wrong, it’s wheat. Still a better fit with our color scheme in the dining room. Capri Patt, I need to find a buffet for in there, HELP!!!!


My Mom used this for iced tea for many years. I always assumed that my Aunt Margie painted it, because she was known for her lovely painted dishes. This was not one of her pieces, but I have no doubt that Mom bought it because it reminded her of Margie, whom she loved a great deal. My Dad thinks that Girl Cousin Vickie has always wanted this, so I brought it home for her.


Very fine sugar and creamer that looks like Lenox but is not. It is a brand, but the letters are too small and I cannot read them.


Anyone who knew my Mother, is well aware of her love of the silk flower arrangement. I am not a big decorator, but I do put a few things out in the fall and I thought I might be able to work these in. That on the right is a bark watering can, how cute is that!? And how her!


The lovingly crocheted by my Grandma Georgia, afghans. With a couple other throws stuck in. Chevron is big right now.


Another piece of milk glass, This could have been my Grandmothers as well. This white does not go in our home now, but we may have a change of color someday where all the milk glass would work. I know Schmenky is thinking, white never works.


I took that luggage tag because I don’t know about you, but there must be airline elves that steal our luggage tags. I am in need more often than I think I should be.

I remember these Joni Eareckson Tada  prints well. They were in our home for many years. I think she must have spoken at my Mother’s Home Interiors work functions. Grand Poobah, gala events called Seminar, usually held yearly in Texas. They had dress up balls and awards ceremonies and all sorts of fun activities and also motivational speakers.

I kept them because for many years we went to Joni’s Family Retreats for families who live with disability. We met her a couple of times and she is a truly lovely and inspiring woman of God.


The one on the right is a fisherman and Honey said he remembered it in my parents home and would like to have it. I think it may have a new home in his office.

There are also totes filling up with things for the kids, I am still looking for the brass candle snuffer The Boy has requested. He said he broke it and his Grandma super glued it back together. He wants it for the memory.

That’s enough for today.

Have a good Thursday.



  1. Cindy Stratton said,

    June 27, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    I love her stuff! Especially the little creamers and that white bumpy thing in the last picture. You mom was always so put together.

  2. deb said,

    July 1, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    You did well, very pretty things…carefully chosen. I have done this at my mom’s when moving her out. I took carloads of stuff home, it made her feel better than just donating it. You should see my attic.

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