The Christmas Aisle in the Storage Area

I have already mentioned that we were all a little skeert of the back of the storage area. The entire back wall, floor to ceiling, was full of boxes. Anything you might need to decorate your home in full on Christmassy fashion. Several homes.

My Mom loved to decorate, PERIOD. But it seemed like she especially liked Christmas. She put it all up and sometimes left it for months because she said she liked to look at it. She would always say that her tree was particularly beautiful this year.

Dad had an estate sale lady come out to look around and she agreed that they could sell a lot of the stuff we would have taken to the Salvation Army. I think the Christmas aisle could be a little goldmine for him!

On Wednesday, we tackled the roaring lion. And lo and behold, it was a paper tiger!!!!

Since Dad had most of the things that they had been currently been using stored in a red tote, he selected a few other things and put them in 2 other totes. He was done. We set aside some bronze deer and a couple of cardinal figurines for Beeve and Stacey. Mousey had her little stash of ornaments and other things. I took a candle in a holder for each child of mine, and kept these things for myself.

I remember these ladies from the house I grew up in. They might look nice nestled in greenery.


Love this pinecone tree, and the mistletoe bell was also in the home I grew up in.


I loved this sleigh as a child. She had 2 plastic reindeer she put in front of it and a Santa with real white fur on his outfit. I never did find the Santa, maybe she gave him to me already She also wrapped little boxes into tiny presents and stuck them in the back of the sleigh. My favorite Christmas decorations as a child. She gave me the reindeer several years ago for our children. The only two ornaments I took (because I don’t even need 2 more!!) were the leaf on the right and the snowman called Arctic Bart on the left. I kind of like snowmen, they are fairly well represented on our tree.


We took every box out of the storage area, went through them, condensed a few. Some were more involved than others, but basically we took a quick look see and then put the majority back in the storage room to sell in the El Grande Sale. Time consuming, but not emotionally wrenching like I had feared. I was worried that I might bring home boxes and boxes of things that I could not part with because of the memories associated with my Mother. Boxes that I would put next to my own boxes that could use a thorough purging themselves. See, we thought it was a roaring beast, but it turned out we punched right through that paper tiger!!

It is a relief to have it done.


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  1. deb said,

    July 1, 2013 at 9:11 AM

    Are you definitely having an estate sale? Let me know when!

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