The July Pots

Hi Guys!

I am thinking I might want to take the rest of the week off from the blob. For no other reason than it’s a holiday, Honey is off, and that’s about it. I say this now, but who knows? I could be back with something super unimportant to share. Strike while the iron is lukewarm. It is my way.

It seems like it has rained for a month of Sundays over here in The Mitten. It hasn’t, just seems like it. But the plants are the better for it, plus free pool water!

The weeds are also having a party and need to be put in their place. Honey spoke some dreaded words yesterday. He is thinking about having some mulch delivered. Mousey and I looked at each other and made the exact same face. He is having some work delivered. Work disguised as stinky mulch.

Thought I would take you around the yard. It’s coming along nicely.

This year, my front porch pot was chosen by Jip the Farm Dog. Or I copied her, I can’t remember, but she did find it. I brought the plant holder thingy home from my Mom’s to be friends with the Front Porch Chair. I am very pleased with how companionable they are. It’s good to have a friend. I think the plant holder thingy may need a lick of paint. She is a little rusty.


The Front Porch pot is a messy little thing. But aren’t we all?

The sweet potato vines in the brown pots are getting ready to stage a coup on the flowers. They do it every year, they are rude. Once they spread and dangle, it gets better for the flowers. On the other hand, the flowers need to get growing and assert their rightful place in the pot! Don’t let those leggy gals push you around! Sometimes I get in there and pinch those potato leaves off. Thin the herd, shall we say.


To the back porch. I have love in my heart for this hanger. It was a last minute choice, seriously, I was already in line when I bolted to grab her! She’s a beauty, eh? Said in my best Canadian accent with a wink, a nod of love and a hug for The Canadians, otherwise known as Honey’s People.  Happy Canada Day one day late!!!


Ahhh, the coleus. The favorite children of the yard. They have grown by leaps and bounds already.


No longer babies, they are teen plants.


Chocolate chip. Nothing wrong with that.


I am very excited to introduce you to the lone hyacinth bean! I planted about 11 soaked seeds and this was the only one with the gumption to grow! She looks tiny, but out of her will grow a mighty vine!!!

All of those other green things? They are called Cottonwood, otherwise known as the devils spawn. Every June those trees let loose puffy white stuff that blows around like snow and causes people to cough and weep and gnash their teeth. Not to mention mess up your pool filter and cover your pots with cotton containing their spawn, which grow unwanted EVERYWHERE. Funny thing though, I don’t know what a cottonwood tree actually looks like. They live secretly among us.


Getting ready to spill! I did not participate in the impatiens this year, hence the vinca. Everyone said to avoid the impatiens because they would cause great havoc, so I did. Not sure I remember WHY, but I did anyway,


I have this big beaut coming up in the perennial garden. I don’t remember what it is, but it’s getting ready to pop! I am crossing my fingers that it is bee balm!


The vegetable garden that I try and grow every year for Honey. As you may remember, he comes from farming People, it’s in his blood. But he has no time for farming, so it falls to me. I do not have the farming gene. Plus, I do not like tomatoes OR green peppers, so there is no excitement there. Honey did use the fresh basil in a dinner last week, very yummy I must say!


The beefsteak are getting beefy.


These guys are going to look like a redwood forest before too long.


I have been disappointed in my zinnias this year. I was not aware there were kinds of zinnias. I got the wrong kind and they are clumpy and stuck up. They don’t embrace each other like my last year zinnias, which were tall and glorious and community minded. look at that sad, lonely pink zinnia, a social outcast from the Zinnia Club.


The Dane and The Boy in front of the preferred zinnias from last summer.


There is an ulterior motive for showing you this picture besides showing you the preferred zinnias and the cute picture of our son and his intended. These two are heading over across the pond tomorrow to Denmark, home of The Dane. Prayers for safe travel would be appreciated. The Boy will be making the acquaintance of all of her People and friends. I am sure they will have a wonderful time!

Have a Happy July 4th!!!



  1. caprilis said,

    July 2, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    Don’t diss those zinnias yet… they are called profusion zinnias and they look prettier for longer and are much more profuse bloomers (hence the name). They don’t get tall and lanky like the other ones do! Mark my words… they are one of my favorites!
    And that does look like bee balm to me. 🙂

  2. Wendy Gerstenberger said,

    July 2, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    I think your children look spectacular…..especially the coleus. Some year I will steal that plan from you!

  3. Barb said,

    July 2, 2013 at 8:16 PM

    Beautiful job with the flowers again this year.

  4. July 4, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    Your flowers are beautiful and the tomato pots look ready to burst with the basil and tomaters. I went with the impatiens this year; took a chance-so far every baby is good. I love the picture of your adult babies they looks so good together.

  5. warrenp94 said,

    July 5, 2013 at 2:57 PM

    Yer flowers are purdy for sure! Our garden is going nuts like that too…too bad it’s too cruddy to do anything else most days. It has rained a lot and it just seems weird. I am glad to have rain though as opposed to drought!

    Good luck to the boy with the trip to the home of the Dane! Safe travels!

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