Thursdays Thoughts of a Random Nature

Hi Guys!

I have been thoroughly enjoying this limbo week! My Dad moves into his condo on Monday, but until then we are just doing life.

How about some random?

I have been back to work a little, and today will be the second time I have lunched with friends….this week!!!!

I went back to physical therapy for my non-tennis elbow. I felt like I had been doing a little better, pre-move, and now I feel like I taken a few steps back. I have to say that I am encouraged though. Perhaps my tendons will eventually heal and be normal again.

I have not had the same therapist twice. They all have different strengths and approaches. Some do more talking and explaining, and some just get in there and deep tissue massage me nigh unto death.

I have become good friends with the ice pack and have been wearing my new…..thingy every day.


I don’t know how much it helps, but I am willing to try it.

I saw this on Facebook. It’s so true. Please, return me to my fat 130, 5’9 self. P.L.E.A.S.E.

I can’t believe it is August first!!! The summer is flying by at a ridiculous speed!

We have had a lot of rain lately and some deliciously cooler temps. I thought I would take you out for a stroll in the damp backyard.


Well, I lied, this is a front porch pot, spilling all over the place.

NOW to the back yard. Be still my heart. That God, He is a Wonderful Maker!


Really, how beautimous is that??!! The colors! The patterns! The delicious-ness!


The other side, to be fair.


The perennial bed (with a hefty dose of solar pool cover) is looking swell with it’s addition of the pleasant bee balm that I heart so much!


Mrs. Schmenkman was right, these zinnias are nice kids. They just seemed so stand-offish at first, but they have nicely assimilated. Like The Borg. That’s a Star Trek reference for the majority of you.


Thank goodness.


These pots have finally gotten their act together. I thought they were going to be a total wash. I have never had this color lantana before. I like it, but I already gave my heart away to the confetti lantana, and I never really got it back. Name THAT movie reference! Just take out the confetti lantana part.


I don’t think I will buy the dark color sweet potato vine for pots anymore, for two reasons. One, they are not as glorious, and two, for some strange reason they attract the dreaded Japanese beetle. I have gone out on search and destroy missions every day to keep the carnage at a minimum. So far, so good. The other sweet potato vine might just head on up the ramp. It is curious I guess.


The second summer hydrangea is doing it’s job fabulously!


The hyacinth bean vine better get a move on. It’s a real slowpoke. I hope I can get some more beans before fall so I can try it again next summer, earlier.


It has finally climbed high enough to get a toe hold on the trellis though, so good job baby hyacinth vine!!!! Bring your baby friends with you!


LOVING the spillage! I want more creeping Jenny next year. Bonus fact: I bought this one YEARS ago and she comes back every year!


I made a wonderful discovery this week! One of my favorite shows is back for the summer! The genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are is on TLC on Tuesdays. That’s all I can tell you about that though. The Ab-Cat programmed the DVR for me so I won’t miss it again. I had already missed Christina Applegate and Kelly Clarkson’s tales, but she found the reruns, so now I am all caught up.

The Boy and The Dane are winging it back from Denmark today! Instagram showed they had a fine time!

I guess that is as much random for a Thursday morning as anyone could need. Enjoy your day.



  1. caprilis said,

    August 1, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    I just knew you would like those zinnias once they filled out. They are right up there on my favorites list!

    Sowwy about your belbow. 😦

    Did you know that if you break off pieces of your creeping jenny and stick them in another pot (or in the ground) that they will root and grow? Oh yes they will! Just keep them moist.

    Your yard looks Purdy!

  2. Barb said,

    August 1, 2013 at 11:49 AM

    Thanks for the tour :). Beautiful! You do a great job.

  3. warrenp94 said,

    August 2, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    The Borg need no explanation…everyone gets Star Trek, right? What kind of world do we live in where people don’t know Star Trek?!

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