Phase Three-Complete!

Dad is all moved in. Those five words can not convey the huffing, puffing and exertion of the day.

Those poor guys! Or men I should say. Honey and Beeve were the youngest!!

Honey had jury duty in Detroit that morning, I KNOW, can you believe that???

He was selected to go back with other prospective jurors to have a little chat with the judge. The case was a robbery, and one of the questions he was asked was “Have you ever been robbed? With a weapon?” Since Honey’s answer was yes, they gave him the boot. Don’t get me wrong, he was thrilled to get the boot.

He finally made it out to Dad’s new condo around 2:45, just in time to pick up the pizza for us!

I don’t know what I was thinking to even suggest I might take some pictures. I never even took my camera out of the bag, in fact I think I left my bag over there!

I think I arrived at 9:45 a.m. and left at 9:43 p.m., Pretty sure I worked all day but it seemed like there was not much to show for it.

We so wished he could have had some time to get in there and paint and replace the carpets before he moved. The carpets. UGH. They are truly HEINOUS.

The house was not a disaster when we got there, but it was pretty dirty. Did I mention the carpet? I need to mention it again. Barf. Sorry.

After all the helpers left, Beeve helped Dad put up his bed, then put the legs on the kitchen table. I gave Dad a bar of soap, bottle of shampoo, a clean washcloth and towel and a strong suggestion to take a shower and go to bed!!! I could just imagine him trying to get a little more organized. That day is still days away.

Heading back out today to try and make some sense of that dumping ground of a basement. I told Dad that I was sorry to tell him that no pots and pans ever crossed the threshold of the kitchen. The coffee pot and toaster did make an appearance, so he has some essentials.

Maybe I will take a picture today.

Back to the coal mine.


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