The Weekend That Was

There was a little bit of activity here over the weekend. The Boy and The Dane Megabussed in on Thursday night, and Megabussed out yesterday around 5:30 in the evening. In between was a goodish amount of eating, visiting and shopping. We had some 50% off Value World that The Boy wanted to take advantage of. It seems he has ruined a large quantity of his t-shirts working this summer.

He did all right in that department. His arriving, under filled travel bag was significantly pouffed out on return. I’m sorry spell check, pouffed is totally a word. Puffed is NOT what I am trying to say.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I spent the majority of the weekend stuffed to the gills. Steak, homemade mac and cheese and fries, deep fried halibut. I am still full.

It was good to see them and hug their necks! They are now back in the Windy City, awaiting the start of classes. Of course, I have nary a picture to show you.

It rained ALL DAY yesterday. I’m not kidding. All morning, it interrupted the walking with Keelyody, and all afternoon. There was a small break when I took The Moody’s to Ann Arbor for the catching of the Megabus, but then there was an evening of lightning and some thunder with MORE rain. I went to sleep with the sump pump running non stop.

I had a CT scan and an x-ray yesterday in the doctors quest to try and find out what could be causing all the problems I have been having since May. They are primarily concerned with the three stones in my right kidney, which have not caused me any known problems in years. If they conclude their IS an unwanted colony growing in there, there will be consequences to the colony building without a permit.

I have to go and try the walking thing again. The rain appears to be no where in sight today, thank goodness.

1 Comment

  1. deb said,

    August 13, 2013 at 7:23 AM

    I think August has just wimped out and we’ve skipped right to October. Hope you get results and resolution very soon….

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