A Labor Free List

How about a list for the holiday weekend?

I really did intend to post yesterday, but the morning got away from me.

I was chatting with Honey when he came home from work, you know, solving all the worlds problems, when I realized that I had to git to a physical therapy appointment! Like within 30 minutes! I had to really hurry and get my wig on straight! And eat. I don’t go anywhere without my breakfast!

I had been going to PT regularly twice a week until my Dad moved.

Then I forgot to call and schedule some new ones.

Then I went with the Caregroup gals over to South Haven.

Then it slipped my mind.

In my defense, I had the phone number on the kitchen island. I was thinking about calling. Considering it.

But lo and behold, the super perky, super sweet receptionist called to set something up.

I guess that’s what they do to PT delinquents. Track them down.

So I have been back twice now. Praying for the tennis elbow to be restored so I can move on to the next body failure; the hurty left shoulder.


We went to the new The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Mousey’s birthday. We arrived at 3:45 and the wait was 60-80 minutes.

SO ridiculous. We ended up waiting for about 35, so there was that.

The food was good, but the dessert was scrumtrulescent!!! We all split Aunt Linda’s Fudge Cake and a yummy strawberry shortcake. Mousey, Honey and I had the fudge cake in Naples this winter and have talked about it ever since. The Ab-Cat is still raving about the shortcake.

We decided to wade into shortcake making territory this weekend.

Ab’s job last night was to scour Pinterest for a delicious recipe for the sugared shortcake biscuit.

She is usually pretty thorough.

Go Tigers!

Did you know our daughters have married Tiger pitchers?

Abby’s husband is Max Scherzer, and Mousey married Mr. Porcello whose first name, I am sorry to say, I have forgotten.

Maybe Matt? Paul? Reginald? Nah.

We are considering going to the Clarkston Union Bar and Kitchen this afternoon for some of the most macked, mac and cheese we learned about from Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Honey wants to venture over to that side of town to purchase a hedge trimmer he found on Craig’s List.

It seems a waste to be that close and not enjoy the most macked, mac and cheese they have to offer.

We are not waste-a-roos.

Do you remember that little song from Sesame Street? Are You a Waste-a-Roo?

Are you a Waste-a roo?

Watching Sesame Street reminds me of living in our old house, which is up for sale again.

All of our children have said they would like to buy that house.

They do not have the funds.

It was a good house and we made many good memories there. We became a family in that house.

I wish you all a relaxing or productive holiday weekend. Your choice.

See you in September.


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