Hi Guys. I was going to show some pictures of the doings around here but I did not have the forethought to take pictures of the rooms, and now people are sleeping in the rooms, and I have heard that people frown upon getting their picture taken while sleeping.

How about a list then?

Detroit is officially the trifecta of loss. Tigers, Red Wings, and finally, the Lions. There was much angst and the weeping and gnashing of teeth over here.

The Boy and The Dane arrived Friday afternoon. It has been very low key. Just eating, watching movies, and talking.

The Dane came down with a nasty head cold and it is throwing off her groove.

Today is appointment day for The Boy. Eye doctor and getting his fangs cleaned.

The last mountain of old, ripped up, neatly rolled carpet was taken by the garbage men this morning. It was the third week in a row and we were afeared of a mutiny.

Is it ok to call them garbage men? Is there another name they prefer? Like sanitation collection engineers? Magic Men? Trash Reductionists?

Our new mattress came on Wednesday. We are LOVING it!!!!!

The cats like it too, as they enjoy all beds.

Speaking of the cats, they are finally starting to believe that there are no more strange men making noise in our house.

They were very concerned about this. And very skittish.

They made themselves INVISIBLE for 2 days. Lucy is still doing the belly crawl when exposed in the open.

We are L.O.V.I.N.G. the new carpet!

The Mitten has turned down right cold. I had to wear real shoes. Twice!

The throw blankets are scattered hither and yon.

The Ab-Cat and I began the tutoring season at ABC’s in the D on Saturday. We were assigned brothers and the head honcho knew ahead of time that they were not going to be there that day. I am going out on a limb saying that my child was a brother because it said he was a female, but the name was Antwon. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

He gave us new kids that came for the first time. They were both girls. Abby said her girl was Autumn and was very nice. I don’t know if she will stay with her original assigned child or not. My little peanut was a 5 years old named Leah and we had some instant like! I told the head honcho man I WANT HER! He said he thought I might! She’s a keeper.

Capri P is coming over today to help us with the final stage of the carpet installation, the rearranging of the rooms! We have moved some furniture from one room to another and gotten rid of some altogether. Then there is the picture/stuff hanging. That part could be on the light side, I don’t have too much on hand.

We still need to replace the blinds and couches, but it may have to wait until she returns in the spring. I don’t make decisions well without her. I am pretty sure you knew that already though.

I found our shoes!!!! They were in The Boy’s window seat cupboard, where i so cleverly put them.

Have a good Monday!

1 Comment

  1. warrenp94 said,

    October 22, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    I love finding stuff and then remembering, “Oh yeah, that was a genius place I put that”. Of course, until you remember it can drive you absolutely nuts!!

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