Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys! Welcome to another Wednesday Hodgepodge, hosted by our friend Joyce From This Side of the Pond. Click on the button to visit her blog and join us.

1. When it comes to good manners, what two top your list of most important?

I don’t know that I think this is most important, but it came to mind.

I always find it rude when you speak to someone and they don’t answer. I know some will say they are shy or young or whatever, but my Mama always said to answer when spoken too. I guess I inherited her pet peeve.

I give you an example. Keelyody and I walk the same path between our neighborhoods three times a week. We pass a couple bus stops and at one stop there is a mother and her very young daughter. THREE TIMES A WEEK. Keelyody and I always say hello or good morning to them both. The daughter always just looks at us. The mother can barely give a hello. It seems like her mouth makes some sort of movement, but I have never heard her. She may be shy but come on,  we are hardly scary and she could try and be brave as an example for her daughter. She gets the opportunity THREE TIMES A WEEK! She seems so rude. There is a grandma at the same stop who speaks broken English, she always says hello! She is probably glad to see us and not be presented with the back of Un-Chatty Cathy!
2. Let’s open a proverbial can of worms…Common Core.  Are you familiar with the term (talking education reform in the USA)?  If so, care to share your thoughts? In your opinion, what is one of the biggest issues schools (in your home country) face today?

I have never heard of Common Core so I can’t say what I think about it.
3. Name a celebrity whose fashion sense you admire and share why.

I don’t like a real foofy. overdone look. I think that Sandra Bullock usually looks nice. Likewise Reese Witherspoon. Kate Middleton looks very loverly.
4. How are you affected by the changing seasons?

Not by allergies, thank the Lord. I usually feel like I am more tired in the fall and winter months because it gets dark so early. I suppose I feel a little nesty in the fall because I know we will spend the majority of the next 6 months in our home. Not like the Ingalls family who had to prepare for The Long Winter or DIE of STARVATION, but make sure things are presentable and comfy for the duration of a Mitten winter.  I like all of the seasons and it’s a darn good thing, Michigan is very seasonal!
5. Scariest book you’ve ever read?
I read Stephen King’s It about 26 years ago and I remember snapping it shut at night and deciding to read it during the day! Stephen King comes up with some scary stuff! I haven’t read him in a long time.

6. What time of day are you most hungry? What’s your go-to snack?

Somewhere between lunch and dinner. I usually grab a handful of nuts. Or potato chips. 🙂
7. Do you lean more towards being too needy or too independent? Which do you find harder to deal with in others?
I lean independent by nature. Everyone has moments or seasons of needy, myself included, and that is ok. Friends and family can be very good to help you through rough and shifting times. The Lord is our firm foundation.

I find those who live in a perpetually needy state to be draining and I am sorry to say, distasteful. You can’t expect others to always be filling you up because you are a complete wreck. That needs to be the Lord’s work. Some people can’t seem to manage a regular life without teetering on the brink of hysteria. It’s drama and I am not a fan. I find I don’t deal with them much, I avoid them. That probably sounds harsh, but I have found that needy people are usually kind of fine being needy. They seem to run in packs too. I don’t get them.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

We had a nice visit with The Boy and The Dane. They bussed back to Chicago last night and had to jump back into school with both feet today. It sounds like they have a hectic semester. I did not take any pictures because The Dane was struggling with a cold most of the weekend, and it seemed mean to make her pose with kleenex and her poor little red nose!

Have a good week!



  1. Hootin' Anni said,

    October 23, 2013 at 6:09 AM

    It IS rude to not acknowledge someone talking to you. Your mid day snack sounds delicious. Especially potato chips.

  2. caprilis said,

    October 23, 2013 at 6:59 AM

    Couldn’t agree more with you on the perpetually needy folks!

  3. jodaley said,

    October 23, 2013 at 6:59 AM

    I am not a fan of drama either, particularly the kind associated with supposedly grown up women. I have my daughter and her boyfriend coming home this weekend, spur of the moment. He’s never been to our house before so we’re excited to show him the softer side of NJ. Enjoy your week!

  4. deb said,

    October 23, 2013 at 7:42 AM

    Needy people think the world rotates around them, and they make me dizzy! And they have bad manners. And please, if I am ever being needy, tell me so! Oh BTW….I am needy for a haircut!

  5. Theresa said,

    October 23, 2013 at 11:59 AM

    I like Sandra Bullock too. I agree it is rude to not acknowledge someone who is speaking to you and parents should be modeling good manners for their children.

  6. Tammy Doane said,

    October 23, 2013 at 8:01 PM

    Potato chips-great snack food. Great difficulty for me reading Stephen King’s books.

  7. Nan C said,

    October 24, 2013 at 3:49 PM

    Common Core IS a touchy subject. Technically. “Common Core” (CC) is a broad movement toward universal education standards being adopted in many states, more specifically in the subjects of mathematics and English. The new standards would be reflected in state assessment tests many private- and home-school students would also have to take. (WORLD magazine, “Uncommon Uprising”, Oct. 5, 2013)

    Critics of the movement don’t necessarily agree with the standards that are taught, and say that the CC assessment tests affect the non-CC taught student’s ability to get into colleges. They also say that CC will not teach Christian beliefs if they broaden the standards to subjects such as history and science. Some critics also fear that the “universal standard”s have gone too far by teaching a philosophy instead of facts, fingerprinting the students and/or asking them invading questions, such as “Does your family have a gun in the house?”

    But enough of that. Common Core is a topic where everyone should do their homework and come to their own conclusions based on their beliefs.

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