Hi Guys!

Last full day of vacation and as usual, mixed feelings. It will be ever so hard to leave sunny, warm Bonita Bay, but I miss our People and a few fat cats. That’s life!

How about a random list?

The Girls have had consistent hot water for a week now! With no more pipe clanking!

True story. Honey asked me if I knew of a plumber, I said I did not. He said he could only think of one, a guy named Mitch that we went to church with about 18 years ago and haven’t seen since. Then while on the phone with my brother Beeve, he asked the same question. Beeve said there was a guy who used to be in his Bible study named Mitch, who had helped him with some stuff. Beeve did some legwork and had the guy call Honey when he returned from his vacation in Florida. It was the SAME guy!!! Small world!

I introduced Honey to Chipolte yesterday, he liked it!! He is already thinking about how to duplicate it at home.

Speaking of Honey and food, I got him to read the book I was telling you all about last week, The School of Essential Ingredients. He read it all in one day and said it was a “girl book”, but he liked how they talked about food, just like I knew he would!

This condo is fine, but I miss our bed and couch.

I am sure I am not surprising anyone when I say that we have not figured out how to put pictures from my new camera onto the iPad. Not because of difficulty, mainly lack of trying.

Florida makes you lazy.

Honey spotted the gator again and made me look at it! We have pictures, they will have to wait until we get home!

Honey caught fitch when he went fitChing with his friend Bob. We have pictures, they will have to wait until we get home!

Spell check will not let me spell fItching any other way above, but it let me here. Go figure.

We have really liked Bonita Bay!

We looked at a similar type place yesterday down by Marco Island called Fiddlers Point or Creek or something. It was nice but not nearly as pretty.

We both agree the eating has GOT to stop! 🙂

I did a little thrifting, but not nearly as much as when Mousey is with us!

I will show you pictures when I get home!

When we were here last year, the news was ALL about the election. This year it is ALL about Obamacare.

I think it is going to be hard to transition from 80 degree temps to under 40. And sometimes under 30. Just a thought.

You know your vacation is almost over when you find your mind thinking about what you need to do when you get back.

Things like holidays, doctor appointments, cleaning up your basement, ordering your new couches.

Honey has already mentioned to The Ab-Cat that we will dining at Chip and Dip on the way home from the airport. Fine by me!

I think we have already made the decision where our last meal here will be. Unless it changes, cause that happens too.

So really, it’s either Enrico’s or anywhere in the whole anywhere kingdom!

Next time you hear from me I will be back inside The Mitten. Under layers of clothing, like The Michelin Man.

Have a good weekend!



  1. warrenp94 said,

    November 15, 2013 at 2:37 PM

    There may be hope…supposed to be 70 here tomorrow!

  2. caprilis said,

    November 16, 2013 at 5:49 AM

    Looking forward to pictures!

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