Jiggedy Jig November 2012 Part 2

Back to Naples one last time for the year. Sad face.

We stayed at Bonita Bay this year and they have lots of special features, most that we never even got around to. We did greatly enjoy their beautifully landscaped walking/biking paths! They also have a beautiful access to the beach, that we finally got around to one evening, just past sunset. They have regular shuttles, but we drove over one evening after dinner. It was most loverly! There were groups of people gathered, one bunch looked like they had just enjoyed a potluck under a covered cabana, another bunch were sitting on the beach in the many beach chairs that are available for the Bonita Bay guests and their guests. They has an ice machine on the premise and a very nice bathroom, and you know that is near and dear to my heart.

It was windy, and dare I say it, chilly, down there so we did not linger long. It was more of a look see for future enjoyment.


My boyfriend. I do have to tell you what happened when we left though. They had a shower just before you left so you could shower off your body or rinse the sand from your feet. Honey asked me if I wanted to stick my feet in and I said no because I had not been in the water, and it is my belief that if I had hosed them off, they would have gotten sandier. He likes to explore ALL options and try everything once so he went right over and put his feet by the faucet and turned on the water…..and was hit right in the head and chest with a blast of freezing cold water!!!! He thought he had turned on the foot wash but NOOOOOO, he almost showered fully clothed! And did I mention that it was chilly out there?

Oh.My.Word did we laugh!!!!!!!! We are still laughing when we think about it. We had tears in our eyes while he relayed the story to the Girls!


Back at Bonita Bay, Honey found a new marina, or slip, or what have you. We had visited once before and he had noticed some pretty big fitch in the water. He decided to feed them with our left over bread. Those fish were not interested in that bread. Snobs.


We realized we had barely taken any pictures and decided to try a selfie with the new little camera. The new little camera does not have the helpful feature of a twist around screen to show that you are on the right track with your selfie picture taking. Our first try.


Tiny bit better. I then realized I had the zoom way up.


There we go!


We had a wonderful time together and look forward to the day Honey retires and we can stay for a few months!


Mrs. Schmenkman and I married our spouses a week apart, 28 years ago. We often discuss how completely blessed we have been. I would like to say that we chose wisely, but I know it was all God. I am thankful for Honey and they life we have built together. He completes me.


I read this post from Ann Voskamp this morning. I recognize the man in that post. He looks a lot like Honey.

That wraps up the Florida vacation for 2013. See you tomorrow.



  1. caprilis said,

    November 20, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    Yes we did choose wisely. 🙂

  2. warrenp94 said,

    November 21, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    It’s cool being married to someone you dig! We are only a few years behind you!

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