The first week home from vacation is behind us.

There is not much to show for it. We have GOT to get cracking on this Thanksgiving holiday thing.

We did buy the Butterball, it is quietly defrosting (hogging) on the majority of the bottom shelf in the fridge.

I have to clean for Caregroup this evening, so that is a good many steps in the right direction.

Our Caregroup chose the book of James to study. I like James, he has spoken good words to me in the past.

Daylight savings time is kicking my tail!

I wanted to go to bed last night at 7:30.

When I came upstairs from working yesterday at 3:30, it was already twilight.

Not the kind with vampires and bad acting either.

I am very relieved to have those great room couches ordered.

It was weighing on me. Lounging is very important in our family.

I was hoping that my desire to replace our more casual couches for less casual couches would not cause a comfort problem.

Honey approved it, so there shouldn’t be any lack of comfort fall out to land on my shoulders.

Wednesday and Thursday are the typical days that I go to my Bible study (BSF), so that means I was just there yesterday.

Due to Thanksgiving being on Thursday, we scootch class to Tuesday next week, and leaders meeting to Monday.

So that means I have to have my lesson done for leaders meeting by Monday. That is a very quick turn around for me considering that I don’t usually START my lesson until Monday.

I realize this is not really a huge problem. Mainly a time management issue.

On my mind nonetheless.

We highlighted Mousey’s hair just a little bit this week.

We are liking it very much! We will be sure to show you in the Thanksgiving pictures.

I also colored my skunk stripe this weekend. That is exciting to no one but me.

Honey hung The Ab-Cat’s new ceiling light and fan yesterday, and hung up the light in her bathroom that I spray painted. Did I ever tell you about that? Maybe Monday.

It looks loverly and I am going to call her room COMPLETED!

Or it will be after this weekend when I hang up the final curtain panel on her door wall and steam the whole kit and caboodle with The Oreo Mom’s graciously loaned steamer! I didn’t really want to iron all 6 panels!

The Oreo Mom is a handy gal to know! She has skills, equipment and such!

I wore my favorite Naples Goodwill purchase to BSF yesterday with already owned leggings and boots, and received many complements! One gal even said she was coveting!


I don’t find the picture all that flattering, but Oh.My.Word, was it comfortable!

I actually had a pretty good run at The Goodwill this vacation, I don’t know if I mentioned that. Not as much as usual, but definitely good stuff! I will try and gather some up from all corners of the house to give you a peek.

Well, that is 500 words of information you didn’t even need to hear to survive. I hope you have a most loverly, pre Thanksgiving weekend!


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