Happy New Year!

Hi Guys!

We are still here and the company and celebrating are still happening! I know I promised pictures, and I do have them, but they are  located in our big computer. Our big computer that quietly lost it’s mind and turned itself off. It is unknown at this time if it can ever be revived, and to be perfectly honest, I’m willing to let it rest in peace. As you know it has been in declining health for YEARS.

One of the reasons we are unsure of its status  is because The Dane’s People are visiting, and Honey has not had the 37 hours to devote to trying to see if it can be brought back to life. We are having a fine time visiting and eating and they are thoroughly enjoying all the retail Michigan has to offer!

So I am back to blobbing on the iPad, always a challenge for me. There is much to tell you about in the new year, pictures to be shown and a new phone to bitterly complain about.

Happy New Year my friends, health and God’s peace to you all!  Love Capri K and The NutHatch



Potent Quotable

Jesus takes us as we are and makes us what we should be.

Merry Christmas Eve 2013

Y’all, I lied! This is the best I can do today.


“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall
call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.”
Matthew 1:23

Luke 2:10 And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

Have a blessed Christmas, from The NutHatch.



More tomorrow!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys, happy week before Christmas! Last Hodgepodge of this year! Thanks, as always, to Joyce for gathering us for this weekly get together!

1. Do you believe in miracles?

Most certainly. Our God is a capital G God and He is still in the business of miracles! I have seen a few things that can not be explained in any other way.

Jeremiah 32:17

17 "Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.

2. What’s a recent fad you admit to trying?

I am not very faddish. I am not even sure if this qualifies. I have been expanding my wardrobe to include longer tops and sweaters to wear with leggings and jeggings and boots. I have waited for this fashion trend to make its way around again! It was popular the early 80s, then again in the 90s and I loved it then too. I am all about the comfort. I repeatedly ask my People if it looks like I am trying to look too young. I don’t want to resemble a Hag Barbie. They assure me it’s ok. GOOD, because it’s so dang comfortable!!!
3. Peppermint-are you a fan? If so, what’s your favorite food or beverage containing peppermint?

I like peppermint but I do not seek it out. The only time I intentionally use it is a splash of sugar free DaVinci syrup in my hot chocolate, YUM.
4. Break the ice, on thin ice, as cold as ice (emotionally, not literally)…which phrase have you run into most recently? Explain.

We will be breaking the ice this weekend with The Dane’s family and her and The Boy’s friends. We have never met them in person, but have heard a lot about them!

5. Have you ever broken or spilled something in someone else’s home? Still friends?

I did something to Schmenky’s dishwasher once while visiting her!! I pulled the top out to load some more things and the whole thing crashed down!!! I am pretty sure something broke. She did try and comfort me by saying it had happened before. Yes, we are still friends!!!!!!!
6.  ‘Tis the week before Christmas…are you feeling more like Buddy the Elf or the Grinch before his heart grew?

How about somewhere in between? I don’t know that I ever have as much enthusiasm as Buddy, but I am not terribly Grinchy either! I guess I am leaning a little more Grinch this year because I didn’t feel like decorating.
7. Share a favorite quote relating to Christmas.

This is from the song Mary Did You Know? by Mark Lowry.

Mary did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary did you know that your baby boy would one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your baby boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb?
This sleeping child you’re holding is the great I am

That’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it?

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I confess before God and all mankind that I hate shape wear!!!!!!! Getting some of it on is like wrestling with a rubber band. Or a boa constrictor!!

Thanks for stopping by and you have a Blessed Christmas!

A Very Smallish List

The walking season with Keelyody is officially closed. The snow has arrived. Plus it is a whopping 1 degree out there. Instant chappage I fear. It looks Christmassy though!

This could be a spotty blog week, just a heads up.

Next week could be too.

It appears I have fallen into a Christmas card sending routine. One year on, one year off. This is an off year, so the acts of writing a letter and getting a picture have been removed from my to do list.

I am ok with that.

There is shopping to do, I am quite behind on that front.

Sadly, some of this week will be devoted to a funeral for the husband of a dear friend from BSF. Please pray for Diana, her husband died of cancer so quickly she could barely get her mind around the diagnosis before he slipped away from this life.

Rae Babe and I firmed up our Christmas Eve plans via texting. We are so tech savvy.

We didn’t talk about where to go, but just knowing it’s on the calendar is comforting!

She even showed me pictures of her beautimously decorated house!

Honey has been trying to throw out a sign that blew into our yard, advertising the company that painted our neighbors house. For three weeks! The garbage men wouldn’t take it! I’ll be honest, I have thought about forking it back in the neighbors yard!

The can is upside down, I think they may have taken it! Or else it’s still in the can, just lurking around for another week. If it’s still there, I am totally putting it back in their yard!!!

The Boy and The Dane are busily preparing for their wedding in Chicago this week, oh, and finals too!

Her family arrives in stages this week, I know she is very excited to see them.

Her parents and younger brother will be visiting with us in The Mitten the week after Christmas. It will be nice to meet them. Well, we have met them on Skype, does that count?

Ok, going to go eat now. I need to fortify myself to brave the frigid weather out there. I will feel a lot better if I get some shopping out of the way.

Be productive, be be productive!

Potent Quotable

A Christmas candle is a lovely thing;
It makes no noise at all,
But softly gives itself away.
~Eva Logue

The Whirlwind Trip to Chicago

Honey took the night off work Monday and we went on a whirlwind trip to The Windy City. And it was windy! And bitter cold.

The day before, Honey had gotten a u-haul and he and Beeve loaded it full of stuff to take to The Boy and The Dane’s new apartment in Chicago. We left on time and had good driving conditions, except for the Kalamazoo area coming and going. What’s up with that Kalamazoo??? Cars off the road, slippery and bad visability. Pretty scary, I must say. Ed Grimly face.

The gps did a good job getting us there. The Boy buzzed us in the front door, but we used the back door the rest of the time, easier moving stairs. They are on the second floor and Honey was glad that these two guys were around to help!

Why yes, that is The Subject! With a bad case of hat head, but he said was really loving his new haircut by a fellow student. And their all gussied up buddy, who when asked about his preference of a blob name, suggested Studly Dudley. Oh yes he did. Their moving capabilities were bought with bowls of food. I wish we could buy services so cheaply!


These darling cabinets divide the eating area from the kitchen. There is the previously mentioned back door.


The eating area, that has a table coming from The Dane’s boss, I think.


The kitchen. That table was moved from the other side to make more room for the movers/eaters. The landlord painted the existing green to an easier on the eyes grey very recently.


The living room, beginning to acquire stuff. They bought the couch on Craig’s List and that lady threw in some free stuff! I can’t remember it all, but it was quite a bit of free stuff! Before we arrived, the couch was The Boy’s bed.


The Dane encouraged The Boy to bring this Star Wars toy from home. He showed me a decorating magazine where she had gotten the idea of displaying things like this. Star Wars has certainly decorated our house for years! Google tells me this is a TIE fighter. There you go.


The bath.


I am not clear if this was there, our brought.


The bedroom, sans bed.


Whoop, there it is!


This is the connecting hallway, bedroom on the left, bath on the right, turn around and see the front door and extra long closet, with the living room on the right and the eating area on the left.


They had a little organizing to do after we left.


They wanted my Grandma Georgia’s china cabinet, but this may not be where it ends up. I was very happy that the glass doors and shelves made it intact! Honey and Beeve are a good packing team!


They had already moved a lot of belongings up. Including the couch, up two flights of turning stairs, while having some cross words. There’s a life lesson for them, learning to work together while lifting heavy things!! It’s never ending.


There were some frozen fingers, running noses and I heard huffing and puffing, but the job got done!


Before we left I took a picture of the outside of the building, but I am sorry to say, I think it was the building next door! Take my word for it, it was very cute!

Their first home!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys, thanks for taking time out of your busy holiday schedule to stop by! And double thanks to Joyce, our holiday hostess, for sacrificing her valuable time Hodgepodging with us instead of putting up her snow village!!!

1. Are you doing anything special to mark this season of Advent? If so please share.

I vaguely remember having this sort of question in years past and I have a confession to make. I had never even heard of Advent until about 15 years ago. I know, odd. We don’t do anything with it, and I am still not 100% sure what it all about. 
2. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen…and of course you recall, the most famous reindeer of all…so, which reindeer name best describes you this week?

I am going to say Dasher because I feel like I have been dashing all over tarnation. I looked that word up, as I often do when I have heard something my whole life and realize I don’t know what in the Sam Hill it means. Now I’m going to have to look up Sam Hill.


noun – uncountable
  • "damnation". Used in expressions such as, "How in tarnation…", "What in tarnation…", etc.

    I walked all over tarnation today.

    How in tarnation did you do that?

And dumb spell check is trying to tell me that tarnation is not even a word. I don’t get the whole damnation theme and have never considered that when I have used it.

1. Sam Hill

Sam Hill built the roads that connected Eastern Washington to the Coast in the early 1900’s. His estate, now an art museum located in Maryhill, WA (named after his daughter). Many thought he was crazy for thinking the roads could be engineered and completed. The use of his name when planning a task or acting in a way that is considered crazy or impossible.

What in the Sam Hill do you think you are doing?

You are welcome.

Anyway, back to the dashing. Monday was consumed by our drive to Chicago to drop off the goods to The Boy and The Dane, which will have a post of its own whenever the Sam Hill I can get around to it!!

The next two days are consumed by BSF stuff and working. I am filling in the nooks and crannies with all the other Christmas stuff that needs to get done.

Then there is work involved with getting my People ready for the Boy and The Dane’s wedding in 10 days.

Gotta dash!

3. What’s worse-too quiet or too loud? Which have you had more of lately?

I have no problem with too quiet, but too loud gets on my nerves. It seems to always be fairly quiet over here. Wait, take that back, Honey is very loud. I say it’s because his parents were deaf and he never had to be quiet!!!!

I don’t usually have the radio or television on in the house or car during the day.
4. This question comes to you from Zoanna over at

A Penchant for Pens-thanks Zo!
When you are administratively gifted, how often do you find yourself not trusting less gifted people to do what they’ve committed to do?  If you are not so gifted that way, but are reliable, how do you feel when the stronger person (in that area) goes ahead and covers it before giving you a chance to come through?

I do not consider myself administratively gifted, but feel I am reliable. If someone asked me to do something and then did it anyway, I would feel like they were rude and wasting my time, especially if I had already invested effort. I can’t say this happens very often. One thing did come to mind.

One of my tasks at BSF is to field questions, and sometimes to correctly answer their question I have to ask one or two of my own. Years ago I was at the table, doing my thang, and there was a person behind the table with me who was not typically there. A woman came up and asked me a question and I asked a clarifying question, as you do, I opened my mouth to answer and the other person jumped in and and answered like I probably didn’t know the answer. I thought it might have made her look a little know it all.  Probably not a hill to die on though.
5. What is your most dreaded task relating to the holidays? Your most looked forward to holiday task?

You know, any more it’s putting up that dang tree! I dread it!
6. Facebook has released its list of the ‘

most talked about’ topics of 2013. Pope Francis took the number one spot.  Does that surprise you? He was followed by election, royal baby, typhoon, and Harlem Shake. Your thoughts? What was your most talked about topic in 2013? (Facebook, around the kitchen table, or wherever it is you talk)

We probably talked about the election the most. It doesn’t really surprise me that we are not in step with Facebook! Our conversations have centered a little closer to home.
7. What’s something you consider a necessity that others might view as a luxury?

DaVinci sugar free CHAI with cream is a necessity to ME! Good conversations with our children is necessary. I need to have a certain amount of toilet paper on hand to feel settled. We have a lot of bathrooms and …..just because. Cats are needed :) 
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

No time, have to go make soup for our BSF fellowship after leaders meeting today!

Have a productive week!

Monday Plans

Good Monday morning to you all.

I see we have had snow in the night and that does not bode well for a walk with Keelyody. I believe I have mentioned that we are fair weather walkers. We walk in any temperature, but not snow and rain.

Honey and I are driving to Chicago today, pulling a U-Haul full of stuff for The Boy and The Dane’s new apartment. The Boy has already moved in.

Here is where I tell you some sad news. They did not get the kitten. When they were here over Thanksgiving they got a text from the girl who was giving them the cat. The cat that they had visited and were receiving daily pictures of. The girl said her husband had decided she could keep the cat, sorry. There was sadness in the land. And a little disgust.

They are now exploring other cat acquiring options.

After we picked up the U-Haul, we stopped at my brother Beeve’s to pick up my Grandma’s china cabinet (that we used for about 10 years, then Beeve used for about 15 years, and now is passed on again!), her coffee table and an end table of my Mother’s, that I am positive is older than me. Beeve then came over here to help Honey load up the rest.

They wedged a queen sized bed and frame, leather ottoman, 2 more end tables of my Mom and Dad’s, a blue swivel chair that The Boy got from his friend K.T in high school, a file cabinet, framed pictures, BOXES of books, bedding and various totes of household items. I am VERY impressed with their packing skills!!! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle in there! They got it all in, and there is even a little room left in the car.

I was watching a little television in bed last night before I went to sleep. I found Armageddon with Bruce Willis. That is one of those movies that we watch whenever we come across it. Who doesn’t like a good saving the world flick?

The cats are thoroughly enjoying the Christmas tree and skirt. And rearranging it. They had the skirt completely off the other morning. No wonder they are so exhausted all day long, they work so hard all night.

Friday went well with The Ab-Cat and Aunt Phyllis. Abby introduced herself to the contact in human relations, then went to Manpower and took some tests and had an interview. We are hoping that she will now be on their radar and that they and God will find a good position for her.

Once again, I cannot say enough about Phyllis’ skills of tenacity! I told her I admired the pit bull virtue I saw in her! She had more instructions for Abby last night while we were playing Words With Friends. She had dined with her friend Brenda, who works at U of M in payroll, and Brenda had another suggestion for Ab. Thank you for your prayers!

Honey just came home from work and we were discussing the itinerary for the day. We will leave when he gets up around 2 or 3. We have concurred that we will be hitting Chicago at a bad time, but then agreed there is probably not a good time! Lots of traffic in them there parts.

In the meantime, I am going to work on a little shopping. Have a good day.

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