A Very Smallish List

The walking season with Keelyody is officially closed. The snow has arrived. Plus it is a whopping 1 degree out there. Instant chappage I fear. It looks Christmassy though!

This could be a spotty blog week, just a heads up.

Next week could be too.

It appears I have fallen into a Christmas card sending routine. One year on, one year off. This is an off year, so the acts of writing a letter and getting a picture have been removed from my to do list.

I am ok with that.

There is shopping to do, I am quite behind on that front.

Sadly, some of this week will be devoted to a funeral for the husband of a dear friend from BSF. Please pray for Diana, her husband died of cancer so quickly she could barely get her mind around the diagnosis before he slipped away from this life.

Rae Babe and I firmed up our Christmas Eve plans via texting. We are so tech savvy.

We didn’t talk about where to go, but just knowing it’s on the calendar is comforting!

She even showed me pictures of her beautimously decorated house!

Honey has been trying to throw out a sign that blew into our yard, advertising the company that painted our neighbors house. For three weeks! The garbage men wouldn’t take it! I’ll be honest, I have thought about forking it back in the neighbors yard!

The can is upside down, I think they may have taken it! Or else it’s still in the can, just lurking around for another week. If it’s still there, I am totally putting it back in their yard!!!

The Boy and The Dane are busily preparing for their wedding in Chicago this week, oh, and finals too!

Her family arrives in stages this week, I know she is very excited to see them.

Her parents and younger brother will be visiting with us in The Mitten the week after Christmas. It will be nice to meet them. Well, we have met them on Skype, does that count?

Ok, going to go eat now. I need to fortify myself to brave the frigid weather out there. I will feel a lot better if I get some shopping out of the way.

Be productive, be be productive!


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  1. December 17, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    I don’t believe I mentioned that I did the majority of my shopping online. This has become an essential part of my Christmas rituals. Bonus is that I get packages delivered — and that’s always fun! Cannot wait to see you all soon! 🙂

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