The Giant List of Doings

Ya’ll, we are socked in up here in The Mitten! They even cancelled school yesterday, which hardly ever happens.

Here are Honey and Mousey’s buried cars. Sorry it’s through the laundry room window screen. I love you dearly, but not enough to go traipsing through the snow to get a blog pho-toe.


I have a bunch of stuff to dump on you today if I ever plan to get past all the wedding, and visiting, and Christmas stuff. A list it is! Not in strict order though, that is too taxing.

I just heard the snow plow go by. The only other sound I have heard this morning was a strange skittering across the hard wood. Before you conjure up something truly heinous, let me say I discovered it was the three fat cats playing with a half of a peanut. Endless fascination for the recreationally challenged.

The temperatures have dropped from a high of 29 yesterday to a brisk 7 this morning, with dire predictions of many degrees below zero temps and wind chill to come. Honey stayed home from work last night and that is saying A LOT! I saw on the internet news that it is colder in Winnipeg, Canada than it is on MARS. Now that is a claim to fame! It is snowing to beat the band out there right now!

To beat the band

very briskly; very fast. He’s selling computers to beat the band since he started advertising. She worked to beat the band to get ready for this.

For the idiom impaired. You are welcome.

Back to Christmas Eve, spent with our dear friends, The Hostlers! Nurse Lauren, Rae Babe, Jona-fin (he’s the best!) and Awesome Autumn!


We had dinner at Ruby Tubeys and then returned to visit, have Sanders hot fudge sundaes, and play a very fun game called Loaded Questions that caused much laughter and snorting. I did not take a picture with my regular camera because we all posted it to our instagram, as we are all hip and such. Wait, I just had an idea and I don’t want to waste it.

It worked! I am not even going to tell you what I did because you will laugh at me for my ignorance.


They took a picture of all of us, which makes 2 for us this year, thanks to the wedding!


After their departure, we opened gifts! Mousey, aka Why Do I Live In Michigan? received an automatic start for her car. She has mentioned, a time or a thousand, that she hates the cold and she wants to move to Tennessee, and why did we settle in this God forsaken state? All she has to do is remember to click it on and she will have a toasty warm car to traverse to school and work in!!!


The Ab-Cat received an iPhone! Mousey had mentioned that she was thinking of getting one and Abby chimed in that she was too! This solved the gift giving dilemma concerning Abby.  Unfortunately for Mousey, Abby can actually afford to pay for a plan on an iPhone, unlike Poor Mousey. Literally and figuratively.


And moving on to Christmas Day. Beeve and Stacey hosted about 17 for dinner. We again played Loaded Questions, as The Hostler’s graciously had left it for us!

I think this is funny. The Grandpa asked for a new tape measurer. I thought that was an odd request because who doesn’t have umpteen tape measurers kicking around the house? He then explained that he wanted one with BIG NUMBERS. Oh, I totally get that Grandpa!!!!


Goomba asked for this movie, which I have not had the pleasure of viewing yet. He also received some Imaginext toys. He may single handedly keep that company afloat! The cats gave him a super hero calendar. He had a funny little comment after opening each gift, something like “I got everything I asked for!!!!” May that always be the case Little Dude!


Ok, now I need to backtrack a bit. Driving home from Chicago after the wedding I got a text from my Aunt Phyllis. She said they had heard that their town had been hit by an ice storm and they had no power. We offered them room and board but she said they were going to a hotel that night. The next night she said they couldn’t get a room and was the offer still open? We said SURE! They arrived Christmas Eve, armed and ready to BAKE!! Aunt Phyllis is the family pie maker and she had not had power to bake, so she took her pie show on the road.

They ended up staying until the 26th, which was great fun! I felt like Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House in the Big Woods when her cousins came for Christmas!

The day after Christmas their daughter and son-in-law, Girl Cousin Lindsay and Rob B., also known nationally as Team Levine, came to play our family game of Peanuts. We hadn’t played on Christmas Day and Rob B. was….. unsettled.


Uncle Bob provided lunch, a yummy Arabic feast that tasted completely different from the traditional holiday fare!


Their fur child Ava made herself at home in a cat bed. Those three characters didn’t mind. They were in our bed and couldn’t have been blasted out of there without a stick of dynamite!


Skip ahead a couple of days, change the sheets, and we have new company! The Boy, The Dane and her parents and younger brother came to visit, and eat, and SHOP!!! This is where I completely fell off the picture taking bandwagon! I have about 6 pictures of the whole time! I am considering emailing The Dane’s mother, also known as Jeanette, to ask if she could send me some of hers. She was doing a VERY good job. Put me to shame.

The Dane received a shower curtain that she picked out along with a bathroom rug and hand towels for their new bathroom. Very practical, I know.

The Boy got a Michigan mitten cutting board and a Ped Egg. A Ped Egg you might ask? If you saw his feet you would not ask. He always uses mine when he is home and it just seemed more, I don’t know, sanitary, that he have his own. The Dane was happy, she knows the damage his heels can cause.


They also got some cash for their honeymoon to Lover’s Key down in Florida.The Boy went about thanking his Dad in his usual way.


It got worse.


We had a fondue on New Years Eve. Right in the middle is Danish Brother Fred, and to his right are the Parental Danes. We had SUCH a good time with them!! The Dane kept saying they were concerned about their English and I have no idea why! They were totally fine! They were nice AND funny, a win/win in our book!


They grow them BIG in Denmark! Fred is only 15 but is already 6 something. He and Mousey compared paws, she was totally not Danish! She has the size of Honey’s Mother’s people from Italy!


I felt very bad for The Danes, they had to pack up and drive back to Chicago to catch their plane home in a very bad snowstorm on New Years Day. They made it but saw lots of cars off the road and an overturned truck. That could not have been a calm drive. We prayed them home as best we could and they sent an email when they arrived home. That was a relief!

On the third, Honey and I drove The Boy and The Dane to the airport to catch their flight to Fort Myers in Florida for their honeymoon. I imagine they are not crying bitter tears to be away from Chicago this week, The Windy City is getting slammed too!!

The Boy has called and they both have texted and and sent pictures of their food via the green bubble message thingy on the iPad. This was from The Dane’s instagram. Not too shabby!


It sounds like they have had some rain, but still a better deal than the north right now. The rumor is they will be in the 80s soon. They are hoping to catch up with Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ who left for The Sunshine State just before New Years.

Well, it’s looking like a frozen tundra out there. Temps are down to 4 just since I started typing. I began reading The Long Winter by my girl Laura yesterday. I should go and get my wig on straight because Goomba should be arriving soon. He got a snow day but his mom and dad didn’t. We have stuff to make little pizzas, a big breakfast, soup and I have a full pint of cream and enough rolls of toilet paper. We should be good for a day or two! Stay warm Guys!



  1. Deb said,

    January 6, 2014 at 10:49 AM

    What a loving and lovely family you have…and growing family. Thanks for the update, and the entertaining way you deliver it!

  2. Heifer Lynn said,

    January 6, 2014 at 12:20 PM

    I have totally missed you. I love hearing the way you describe things. Sounds like things went VERY WELL for which I am very thankful for you. I am at home listening to sounds of boys outdoors, who should be shoveling, but instead I suspect may be having a snowball fight.

  3. Laurie said,

    January 6, 2014 at 2:55 PM

    You know I love the “list” format. This was entertaining, full of news and views. Everyone looks so pleased with their gifts and the company they shared. Wishing you continued smiles through 2014.

  4. jammygal said,

    January 9, 2014 at 11:28 AM

    This was very easy to follow! I love catching up on your life since I have been AWOL for quite some time.

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