How Many Times Can the Word Mattress Be Used in a Post?

When we first married, we had a full sized bed with a mattress that I cannot recall the origin of. I have no recollection of it, but our young backs had no complaints.  We replaced that bed with a queen shortly after Abby was born, and we purchased a really good mattress from the now defunct Montgomery Ward in the old Wonderland Mall. We loved that mattress, it somehow worked for both of us. we often congratulated ourselves on our mattress choosing skills, we surely picked a winner off of the discontinued mattress warehouse floor! Oh, the naiveté of that young, lucky couple!

It worked for me until about 4 or 5 years ago when I started having more lower back pain than I had experienced in a long time. On the advice of my physical therapist, we purchased a memory foam mattress pad from Sam’s Club and that was just what I needed to extend the life of our 20 year old mattress. We would have continued on in that fashion for a longer period of time, but our desire and need for a king bed was strong and would not be ignored.

Because Honey works at night and sleeps in the day, we do not share sleeping quarters that often. Needless to say, we are BOTH major bed hogs. In my defense, I do share the bed at night with my best girl, Mama Mia, who does a good job of staying on her side, but she is very large. 

When we would go on vacation, we would marvel at all the space a king bed offers! We could sleep in the same bed and hardly bother each other at ALL! As Honey’s retirement loomed, and we anticipated sleeping at the same time, we decided to get a king. Honey found one on Craig’s List last spring and we started using it after we got the new carpeting last fall.

When Honey and I went mattress shopping, we discovered a startling fact.

We are unequally yoked.

He likes a firm mattress and I like a softer one.

The first store we went to had you lie on a bed together and answer a bunch of questions. It then spit out a computer sheet telling us all about what we never knew about ourselves and our mattress inclinations. They had mattresses that addressed this issue at that store, but Honey considered that store the first stop in out mattress hunting experience. I may have mentioned that he prefers to shop around.

Can I tell you how surprised I was at learning this new firm/soft development? I have had problems with my back for the last 24 years, ever since The Ab-Cat was born. I would have guessed that my back issues would have required a firm mattress, but I was woefully wrong. Softer is my friend. We finally settled on one at another store and I will mercifully spare you all the conversation about our likes and dislikes regarding each one. Suffice to say that there were made up words and descriptions of qualities that are hard to describe, and you are welcome for the consideration.

All seemed briefly well. I began to wonder why my lower back was causing me grief throughout the holidays. I didn’t pay it too much mind though because, vacation travel, preparing for the holidays, more and more travelling and a wedding and another holiday and company? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

When the dust cleared after the new year, I seriously started asking what the heck was going on with my lower back? Not just the usual right side, but the left was chiming in with ridiculous regularity.

I had noticed a few disturbing facts about our new mattress. I asked Honey if he felt like he was sleeping in a hole? He didn’t seem to know what I meant, but then a few days later he said he understood what I meant. After laying a while, there seemed to be a Mt. Everest between us. Also, one of my super professional, store litmus tests was failing. When I plopped down, I didn’t want to “bottom out”. I was feeling the bottom and I didn’t like it, it was getting too flat or something. What am I, the princess and the pea????? In my quest to determine if it was just me and my annoying back or the mattress, I started sleeping downstairs in the guestroom, in the old bed. With the delicious memory foam mattress pad.

Guys, I think we chose….poorly. After three nights, my back is feeling much improved. So much for our excellent mattress choosing skills, we were just lucky bugs that ONE time.

I am not sure what is next. The Boy has a twin memory foam mattress pad from his dorm room that he is no longer using, unless he decided he can’t bear the hardness of our old spare bedroom mattress that we took down to them last month. That Boy’s old mattress at home was as soft as they come! Sinking into pudding comes to mind!

Can I put a twin on the king without making it look wonky? Honey has no complaints about his back and seems to be sleeping well, so he might not appreciate a memory foam mattress pad on his side. I think the ship has sailed on returning the mattress. Until we come to a decision here, you can find me in the basement. If you were looking for me, of course.



  1. deb said,

    January 14, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    How disheartening to have this problem with a brand new mattress. I say try the twin topper and see how that works…you cannot sleep in the basement forever.

  2. Laurie said,

    January 14, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    I think you ought to notify the manufacturer of this problem. You haven’t had it that long and, even if it was not “top of the line”, a mattress ought to last a lot longer. If you don’t get much satisfaction, put the name of the product up here on your blob and all your readers will know to steer clear of said company.

  3. warrenp94 said,

    January 14, 2014 at 4:34 PM

    I think Butch and I would make a good couple, except… Anyhow, I too like a very firm mattress. We stayed in a hotel recently and I nearly died!

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