Monday, Matresses and MLK

First some mattress talk, then a little list.

Thank you to all who weighed in on their mattresses, it was helpful!  

The mattress “expert” the store sent out has come and gone. He said there was a dip on my side, but it may not be enough to cause it to be labeled defective. We shall see, the expert says they will call in a few days. Even if it is not defective, Gardner White will let us exchange it one time for something else.

We, of course, have to choose one of the mattresses they carry, and we know that sleep number is not one of them. Their comparable choice would be Tempur-Pedic, which we did try and it has the added feature of being able to adjust to different firmness preferences on each side.

I am pretty sure they do not have Sterns and Foster because I remember that they did have this brand at the first store we looked at. They had one that we liked a lot.

As you can imagine, I have been reading mattress reviews, brushing up on my non existent mattress knowledge. I have come to the conclusion that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Love and hate are usually represented with equal vigor.

 I predict an extended trip to Gardner White is in our future, to lay on and write down the brands that they do carry so I can do more learning at home.

On to the list portion of the post.

We watched The Butler last night. That is a hard movie to watch in many parts. It’s hard to believe people could be that awful, but I am sure they were. Once again, I found myself goggling the movie and the characters. They took a lot of creative liberties making that movie as far as his family was concerned. I discovered that the real butler, Eugene Allen and his wife Helene, were even better than the movie portrayed. They sound like a lovely couple.

How ironic that we watched that movie last night and today we celebrate Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday.

Honey was off work last night! He spent the goodish part of his day watching football. He was happy with the outcomes of both games he watched.

Bring on the Super Bowl!

Or as I like to say, bring on the commercials!

Or, bring on the food!!!

He also brought home the best doughnuts for us yesterday. He said he finally succumbed to his craving, so that means doughnuts for everyone! 

Did I talk about American Idol? I can’t remember if I did or not. I am very much looking forward to the judging panel of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., and YES, I DO know who Harry is!!! There was a whole funny segment about all the people who have no idea who he is. I think he is going to fit in just fine! It will be a welcome relief from the…….whatever that debacle was last year. Made me uncomfortable.

There are already some very good singers! It seemed like a lot of contestants were wearing guitars. Looks like Phillip Phillips has had some influence!

*****Thank you God…… 

…that I was horrified at many scenes from The Butler. It shows that our world has changed a lot since those dark days.

…for Martin Luther King Junior and his message.

…for Eugene Allen, who showed that serving others with excellence, integrity and humility is what You require from us all.


1 Comment

  1. jodaley said,

    January 21, 2014 at 7:43 AM

    I think I might like AI again too. I’m not a huge JLo fan, but I think the boys balance her out. I am a fan of Phillip Phillips music. Haven’t seen The Butler yet…did you see 42? It also made me cringe in a similar way. It’s an excellent film!

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