Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hello everyone from The Arctic Mitten! It is only –10 today, up from –23 yesterday! Everything is called off for a second day in a row. Thanks to Joyce for giving us a fun winter activity to while away our hours, I’m sure the Ingalls Family would have welcomed the diversion during their long, cold winter!!!

1. It’s  been said that one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Do you think that’s true? Do you find that an easy exercise most mornings? What’s something positive you told yourself today? If you missed that boat, what’s something positive you could tell yourself tomorrow?

I don’t know that it can change your whole day, but it can certainly help you go forward and do life, one day at a time. Sometimes, morning after morning, your circumstances don’t change, and that can be very disheartening. Focusing on your disappointments and trials is not really helpful in the long run. They are there and you have to deal with them, but wallowing is not productive.

This is where I think the positive thought comes in, and it can change the way you operate. Make the decision to see things in a different light, sometimes that head tilt is all you need. Think of one good thing that happened the day before, some slight sign of progress or one thing you are grateful for, instead of directing all of your laser like attention on the things that didn’t go the way you planned. Be thankful for the things that did go right, no matter how small. No one is 100% joofered, 100% of the time, and if you are that glass almost empty kind of person, you should be directing your energy to solving that problem.

I speak from experience here, I have spent time in the dumps. You will never get to the point in life where everything goes perfectly smooth, that is what heaven is for. Perspective is very valuable. If I can honestly say I did the best I could (and you have to be truthful about that), then I am willing to acknowledge today is a new day and go from there.

All the self talk in the world cannot really solve the actual problem, that is God’s work. But looking for the positive? Finding it can be like kisses on the cheek from God.  Lately my positive thoughts have been a bit repetitive, but helpful nonetheless.

Nothing is too hard for God and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Pretty positive stuff there.

2. There will be karaoke at the next party you attend…are you in? Or will you be faking a sore throat?

I have done karaoke with others, but not myself. That would make me throw up in terror!
3. January 29th is National Puzzle Day…what’s something you’ve found puzzling recently?

I find that listening to the media talk about Obamacare is puzzling. Many of them are just sure that the majority of the country’s resistance is ignorance or selfishness, preventing us from understanding how great this is for everyone. That the millions complaining about being suddenly uninsured or being handed higher costs with doubled or tripled co-pays for the same or less coverage are just bellyaching and out of touch with the needs of “the People”. As Honey would say, we are being presented with an attractively displayed, sewage filled twinkie, and told it’s the best thing for everyone! Puzzling
4.  Jigsaw, crossword, acrostic, logic, sudoku, word search…what’s your favorite kind of puzzle, and when did you last work one?

I like many kinds of puzzles! Jigsaw, crossword, anything involving words and letters. NOT NUMBERS! Does Words With Friends count as a puzzle? Because I do that on a daily basis!
5. Recently a writer by the name of Amy Glass ruffled feathers with a post she wrote saying she looks down on young women with husbands and kids and she’s not sorry. Among other things, she says women will be equal with men when we stop saying house work and real work are equally important. You can read the whole piece by clicking here.
What say you? Do you think men and women are equal in the 21st century? Why or why not?

Oh.My.Goodness. She really stepped in it there. Some of the responses to her were very good too. What a sad, misguided person Amy Glass is. Any intelligent person would agree that someone has to raise children! They don’t raise themselves to be productive members of society! I guess my question to her would be why does it have to be an either or deal?

I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I am not in the militant, stay at home mom camp either. Contrary to what my children might say, I have worked at home their entire lives. Taking care of the household, raising them and keeping the hair of others cut, permed, straightened, colored and styled. I think they would acknowledge the first two, but for some reason they do not think being my a hairdresser constitutes a job!

I can respect a woman’s decision to work and not have children, to work outside the home, as my mother did, AND have children, or stay home, with ALL that entails, and raise children. Why can’t she see the value of the choices of others?  And I’m sorry, but backpacking across Asia? That is what some people do on vacation, it hardly equals raising PEOPLE!

Most work is valuable and necessary. Not everyone can do the same things and not everyone wants to. Why can’t we just be grateful for those who do the jobs we don’t do? I think that men and women will never be equal because of this attitude. Heck, the writer of that article was a woman and she didn’t even think women were equal to each other!

As long as we look down on certain jobs considered beneath us, people will not feel equal. All work has value, just like all the many parts of the body make up the church. Yes, doctors make difficult decisions, but nurses and tech’s get things done, usually kindly and efficiently. The business person owns the restaurant, but the employees make it run well. Have you ever eaten at a nice place that had a dirty rest room? I’m not going back there!!!!!  We can’t all be heads or eyes, gainfully employed is good. For men and for women. ALL people should be proud of a job well done.
6. What’s a product you’ve noticed in the grocery store that you’d like to try, but haven’t yet?

I bought this yesterday, but I haven’t tried them yet. I was mostly curious about the dark chocolate with chili, which sounds like something I might have heard about on Top Chef. The package also includes intense orange, 70% cocoa, and touch of sea salt. I can probably work with them all 😉


7. The author, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) was born this week in 1832 (January 27th).  Which character from his celebrated novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, would you most like to meet, and why? Here’s a link to a character list if you need help on this one.

I am not strong in this category. This was one of the lesser Disney movies for our kids, and I have never read the book. I think I will pass.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Just a couple more pictures of the new addition to our family!

Welcome Seymour, our new Grandcat!

Abby is missing him horribly since he left for Chicago. Theirs was a true love.


Mousey too.


i find myself looking at his pictures, missing his sweet little self!


Thanks for stopping by, don’t get caught out in The Polar Vortex!



  1. jodaley said,

    January 29, 2014 at 11:15 AM

    I think I could work with them all too : ) I like your response to #5. I don’t understand why there is a single standard of judgement. Some people are pot stirrers and work at it as if its their job-ha!

  2. Tammy Doane said,

    January 29, 2014 at 1:50 PM

    Dark chocolate with chili-let me know about this.

  3. Laurie said,

    January 29, 2014 at 7:21 PM

    Didn’t Seymour have some brothers/sisters that need a home???
    Hint, hint.

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