Couch Delivery

The new couches came on Wednesday. I like them fine, but I really have no recollection of what we ordered, it seems so long ago.


Capri Patt said she thought they were going to be more caramel-ly, I thought they would not look quite so dark brown either. They do seem lighter and have more variation in better light, this is bought light, from a bulb. What I really don’t recall is the seam running through the back of the cushion. As I look at the picture Capri Patt and I carried around for weeks, it does NOT have a seam on the back cushion. But then Honey picked a couch he liked better and it had a higher back, and we took the leather from another couch and now I have no idea what we did. I will say that the back does not look as poofy in real life as it does in the pictures, because I know I did not want the look our old couch had, we wanted something a little more tailored.


The complaining from the other family members has begun. They are too hard, so much shorter, not as wide, why did we have to get new ones? To which I answer, they will break in and be comfy, remember when we got our new van and the seats seemed SO hard? Yes, they are a little shorter, but only one bum cheek shorter, you can’t live with one bum cheek shorter?! Why yes, they are not as deep and wide Honey, but may I remind you that YOU chose this couch because you said it sat better, precisely because it was NOT so deep and wide! And why did we have to get new ones? Why, you ask?

Exhibit A We had worn great amounts of the green slap off. Three cats had also managed to leave their marks. They no longer have front claws, so we have a little hope. They are old fat ladies now anyway.


Exhibit B The WONDERFUL cushion covers that Capri Deb made about 10-11 years ago surely extended the life of the couches!!! If you think the backs were scratched up, you should have seen the cushions! But alas, the cushion covers were slap wore out.


Exhibit C Just another shot of all the ugly.


Yes, the old beast was comfy, but 16 years of a family of five constantly flopping on you, multiple times daily will do that to you. HEY, maybe that’s why I am so broken down!!!! They deserve an honored place, slap out of the limelight! One will go in my hair room, the other will wait until some child needs an old couch to grace their own humble abode. Or The Salvation Army, whichever.


Thank you couch, you have served us well.

We are gearing up for Winter Storm Maximus up here in The Mitten. Four to eight inches of snow this weekend with potential for rain, or ice as we like to call it. I don’t like Honey out in all that mess, but he is not one to miss work over a little weather related distress. If he would have lived down south where they had all the winter trouble earlier this week, I guarantee, he would have made it to work!

The Ab-Cat and I are scheduled to go down and tutor in Detroit for ABC’s in the D on Saturday morning, in the thick of all the flurrage. I know it seems wimpy, but if it’s questionable, we will not go. It’s one thing to have a problem where I have to get out of my car and walk for assistance, it’s quite another to try and manage wheelchair navigation with her. She thinks I am ridiculous, but it has caused me endless pondering about the situation. In conclusion: I don’t want to do it!

Since the storm is named Maximus, I am just waiting for all the storm comparisons referring to the Russell Crowe movie Gladiator. However, that could just be me.

I am heading out to the store today to stock up on some essentials, you know, cream, butter, tortilla chips for the delicious Super Bowl dip we are having. There will be dessert, we have just not quite nailed it down yet. The storm needs to await my return, then to quote our favorite gladiator;

Maximus: At my signal, unleash hell.

Avoid all the hell Dear Friends.


1 Comment

  1. Rachel Koekstat said,

    February 1, 2014 at 10:00 PM

    Love the new couch I am looking also mine looks like your old ones with rips and bare spots also I love the new kitten such a sweet face and lovable we had put 3 down last year and have 2 left NO MORE I told Kenny he is out if he bring another one in cat can stay LOL

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