Winter Retreat Part Two

Let’s go back to Florida, no REALLY, let’s! We only had two things on our calendar that week because that’s the way we like it. First up was visiting Girl Cousin Lindsay and her hubby, Rob B., also known as the internationally famed Team Levine!

They had lived in Orlando for several years and last year moved down to Cooper City, which was straight across the state, somewhere near Hollywood. We had never been able to visit them in Orland so we wanted to get over there and see the new place. It was SO nice!

Team Levine.


My Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis, otherwise known as G.C. Lindsay’s parents, were there as well. They had a GREAT backyard, 045

no cage over their swimming pool!


They made us a yummy supper and then we played PEANUTS, because Rob B. was wanting to finally play at HIS house! They had a perfect little permanent Peanuts table, fancy that!


The Girl Cousins.


Plus one Boy.


Thank you Team Levine for a loverly day!


The other thing on the calendar was The Ab-Cat’s birthday on the 25th. Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis joined us at The Cheesecake Factory in Naples. I said everybody smile and this was the look I got from Uncle Bob. What is it about this generation and smiling in pictures??? I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


He did better on the next one.


The 25 year old birthday girl!!! She had strawberry shortcake, which has a special place in her heart. Unfortunately, the wait staff sang to her, which does not have a special place in her heart.


Since we basically made Abby go with us, we promised we would curb the shopping, which she does not favor. Mousey and I DO favor the shopping. We managed to get some thrifting in, and Abby managed to scour the book sections. Bargains were found by all. Ab still complained we shopped too much and Mousey and I just shake our heads that our sacrifice was not appreciated!

Honey and The Boy always used to find ugly matching shirts and say they were going to get them for Fitchin’ shirts. Mousey found matching shirts (they weren’t too bad) and said Hey, they can be our fitchin’ shirts! We both tried them on and sadly, we both discarded them. No fitchin’ shirts 😦


I saw this sparkling beauty at the Ft. Myers airport on the way home. Now you all may not know the artist here, but The Capri’s will!! She is Leoma Lovegrove from  Matlacha Island, the little town that The Capri’s pass through when visiting Capri Patt’s island of North Captiva.


Leoma is known for her vibrant color and whimsical reflection. I totally lifted that from Goggle. I tried to link to her website but it didn’t come up. I went to her gallery last November with Capri P, it is quite something to see and her gardens were so unique!


She has clothing that looks much the same. I saw a cute dress with the tags still on it at the Goodwill. I would have bought it but it was too big.


That’s it for the pictures from Florida. I may have to sneak some thoughts in if they come to me, but for now, that’s all she wrote. Thanks Honey for another fun get away!


1 Comment

  1. deb said,

    March 4, 2014 at 9:05 PM

    I’m glad you got a photo of that object de arte! I saw it at the airport but didn’t have a camera ready. I have purchased one of Leona’s prints every year for many years now, for Jackie..and am looking at a palm tree painting above my desk right now!
    Looks like you had a lovely, relaxing and refreshing time in Florida, and happy belated birthday Ab!

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