The Memorial Day Doings

We spent the majority of Memorial Day Weekend trying to get our yard in some kind of order, The Polar Vortex caused much carnage around here. Honey, Mousey and I weeded, cut, pruned and hauled away many garbage pails full of weeds and trimmings to the field behind our house. We scatter things evenly and nicely and every month a giant bush hog comes and mows it all up like it was never there.

On Saturday I concentrated on weeding and trimming the front. We were the white trash house for several years during The Sewer Debacle, I feel I owe it to the neighborhood to never be trouble again. A lot of the things I thought were dead were sort of not dead. Partially dead would be a more apt description. The holly and spirea were pruned within an inch of their lives and look much better for the shearing.


I was not sure the weeping cherry would rally, it still looks like it is shocked. It never bloomed, just sprouted half it’s leaves. Every time I go out there it whispers “I am afraid, what the heck was THAT?”


The spirea and holly are less than half their former selves.

This other tree was also shell shocked, but it gathered it’s courage when I was gone to Virginia and I returned to a confident two year old!


You can’t tell in this picture but there are about a half dozen sticks coming out of the top. They look like thick, fly away hairs. The shrubs look a little greener except for the corner one, it is full on dead.


Burning stick bush?


A burning nub.


On to the backyard. While listening to the classic rock station on our outside speakers, Honey and Mousey worked together on the Hedge O Death, I tackled the Mighty Vine of Doom. Schmenky assured me that this was not dead, that it was almost impossible to kill.


Well, she was right. It’s not dead,


but The Polar Vortex breathed it’s stinky poison breath all over it and all we have left is this.


Before it’s untimely death, that vine had grown to rope like size! It was wound so tightly around the fence I had to peel it off with brute strength! It left its skin behind! Y’All, it was like wrassling a bear!!! I will now spend the rest of the summer trying to retrain the vines to grow up the trellis. Not along the ground, not up the deck, UP the tall thingy. It will be like herding cats, I’m sure.


On to the Hedge of Death. Here it is in its former glory.


And its after Polar Vortex state.


it is still mostly suffering hedge death, but there are patches of new life.


It has a bad case of the mange. Flourishing at ground level. Next up; massive haircut. We did weed around it in preparation of mulch. We are guardedly optimistic.


This is in the very back of the house, next to all the pool heater/filter paraphernalia. I thought everything in this area was a goner.


The azalea and weigelia are a motley crew, but you know what The Polar Vortex could not wipe out?


These hateful, thistle-y, prickly, nasty weeds! They are LUSH, and huge.


We emptied the shed of all the patio furniture, but we left it all down on the lower patio because Honey wants to paint the upper patio and its cracks with a product called Deck and Concrete Restore. Anyone out there have any experience with a product like this?


Before he can paint it, he has to try and fix this low spot that is always a puddle and therefore a discolored mess. He also will remove the caulking around the patio. All this work has Honey again wishing hateful stuff on Bob the Builder. The patio cracked immediately after it was poured, due to the excellence and skill of workers he hired. It has also settled over time, causing more crackage and the unsightly low spot. Once Honey has mended it, THEN we can paint it.


Honey again had someone come out and give him the annual estimate of replacing our decks, always hoping for the estimate that would have him hire the job out. He has once again decided it would be too much money to swap out our cedar for a Trex like material new deck. He said he could make the necessary repairs and we could stain it yet again, leaving him with enough left over to buy a good quality used truck. I am fine with that. It’s the remaking of the decision year after year that is taxing!

In case I have left you with the impression that we were all work and no play this weekend, I will tell you that we did do a few fun things. We ate out several times and went and saw the new X-Men movie which was very good, if you like that sort of thing. Which we do.

Tomorrow there are plans to link up with Jip the Farm Dog and go to our favorite flower place for our annual buying of all the foliage. We will come home with the car stuffed to the gills with annual purties to plant! We are buying work. At least it is pretty work.

Hopefully we will see you tomorrow for The Hodgepodge!



  1. jodaley said,

    May 27, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    We also spent the weekend weeding through the carnage. We hired someone to prune our gargantuan viburnum hedge this year as it is sits on a steep hill. They rigged up some sort of crazy ladder and I had to go inside. Thankfully no one was injured in the pruning, and the hedge looks good at half its previous side. My crazy Japanese Maple that split during the winter is lush, full of leaves and looks healthy so I’m leaving it and gonna see what happens. Hubs duct taped it in the middle and it seems happy enough. Good luck training those vines!

  2. caprilis said,

    May 27, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    As Mr. C likes to say… “GOOG EFFORT!!!”
    Things are shaping up around there.

    • caprilis said,

      May 27, 2014 at 10:52 AM

      Wait… he does NOT say GOOG effort… he says GOOD EFFORT!

  3. deb said,

    May 27, 2014 at 8:48 PM

    I envy your accomplishments. So happy so many plants were not totally gone. We are very busy here. .. with 4 extra humans and two canines staying with us. No gardening is getting done, but lots of baby loving!

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