Flower Day With Jip the Farm Dog

Jip the Farm Dog and I went to our favorite flower place yesterday. It’s our favorite, but neither of us can remember the name. We think it has a Z in it. Because Honey took the insurance off our big high top van, as no one drives it anymore, we went in her ..…blue, not a car or a van, but not a truck thingy.Vehicle, her blue vehicle!

I need to write myself a note for next year. A note of all the things I know I need, things I would like to try, and at the top of the list would be my reminder to get my front porch chair pot first, before I go down the other isles. If I don’t have the chair pot, the rest is just a fools errand. The chair pot color scheme sets the tone for the front yard flowers. I wasted a good bit of mental calculation on this error in judgment. You cannot place that cart in front of the horse.

We were able to go a little earlier this year than last. She can blame me for that one. Last year I spent the majority of May being indisposed and on the couch watching CSI Miami, and rallied just in time to make my annual trip to Schmenky’s in Virginia. That means we didn’t get to go until sometime in June, and I have got to tell you that it was the most unsatisfying excursion I have taken to the favorite flower place. Ever!

They did not have the coleus, zinnias and lantana I need to make my gardening experience a happy one. I muddled through and on the advice of CMB, returned later with Honey to the same road as the favorite flower place, and went a little further down the road to another flower place, that came through with the goods I so desperately needed! And guess what? That place had a Z in it’s name too!

Two weeks earlier evidently makes all the difference in the gardening arena, we managed to find almost everything we needed. We really only stopped because our carts could not hold one more leaf. We may have to go back, our minds don’t track like they used to. We could discover that we have forgotten large areas that we need to beautify! I have already realized I am lacking a necessary million bell. I’m pretty sure there could be more.

Here we are at the checkout, our carts heavy laden.


It was like Mission Impossible getting all that foliage wedged in there! We did it!!!!! Probably 8-10 flats, at least 6 hanging pots and an assortment of other loose things including Honey’s basil and tomato plant.


A blurry front shot, you get the picture. That vehicle was packed!


They had most everything we needed but I wanted to check the place a little further down the road for a more diverse assortment of coleus. I only found TEN MORE and she spied this delicious pot of sherbet, smoothie, lantana scrumptiousness that could not be passed up! They rode home in the only empty space left. Jip was using her side, for driving.


We rode home in the pouring rain, stopped for lunch at our usual Chip and Dip, discussed all the issues that concern us and unloaded our haul in the driving rain.


I guess I could do a little planting today. Might could.

The Boy and The Dane will be arriving this evening on a Greyhound bus. It will be a relief to hug their necks! Thank you so much for the prayers, they availeth much.


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