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If we understood what happens when we use the Word of God, we would use it oftener.
Oswald Chambers

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Psalm 27:13


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Trailwood Garden Walk 2014 Part 2

Back to the gardens! After the deluge, the weather straightened up and did not threaten again. I was glad. I don’t think my hair could have absorbed any more humidity. It seemed huge….and felted.

I think this next house was my favorite. I loved the previous ranch with the big back porch, but this backyard is closer to what we have in our backyard. Namely, a pool.

I was also excited to go back to this house because Keelyody and I walked past their gates for years. It looked like a giant park back there with a driveway so long you couldn’t see the house. That driveway was 1/4 mile long, we were SO happy they didn’t make us park at the road! There were cars lining that driveway! 

In the informational paper it said the homeowners plant 40 flats of annuals each year!!!!! The homeowners were risk takers, they had a ton of impatiens. Aren’t they practically poisonous these days? What exactly IS the deal with the impatiens? Will we ever be able to use them again????


Their impatiens and begonias were plentiful and planted very close together, it must be a sight to behold later in the summer when they are lush!


I don’t recollect ever seeing this color coneflower. Or yarrow.


We walked under a giant covered area in front of the garage where the garden club was set up. They were selling cookbooks, yard stuff and perennials. I was very glad to see that a bunch of hyacinth bean were still available. Winter came on so fast last fall that I never got out to collect my beans from last year so I could replant! One of the gardners there suggested I start my beans in the house early so they will be much bigger when I plant them. This sounded like advice I had maybe been given by Mrs. Schmenkman in the past. Pretty sure I had heard, then forgotten this tidbit. Maybe I can write the info on my April calendar in hope of actually achieving my dream of having the vines meet at the top of the trellis. So far, they have remained separate. They never knew there was another plant, just waiting to be best friends. Sad, but true.

Then on to the backyard! Oh MY!


I wished Honey could see this one!


The Back Door Neighbor and I usually move as a unit, taking the same pictures. We have like minds! That could be alarming for her, I am used to my mind.


We both saw this poking out of the shrubbery. I feel like that at the pool some days!!!


Yes, yes I do.


One of my favorite parts about the pool area was there was a place for the water to go when you hose off your patio. They did have some borders, but then there were some open beds. We have a few trouble areas on our patio, but we fixed one when we got the new cement. I have an idea that I need to tell Honey about. I’d better do it before I forget.


Loved the rock wall, that held the hot tub.


Another one of those areas I just mentioned.


They landscaped their sloping hills so nicely.


Pretty pot. I love the Wandering Jew. I had one a couple years ago and it was my precious.


Every year there is a plant that we want to know the name of, we learn the name, forget the name, and ask what was that name again? This was it for this year. I just had to iMessage The Peanuts Champ to find out the name again! She said Montana Bluette!!!!! We liked it!


Loved the rock wall. I like rocks. Big ones, not the little ones we had to move a TON of a couple years ago.


A better view of the hot tub for Honey.


Visually interesting tree.


With visually interesting bark!


I was very glad to finally see this house we have walked past and wondered about!

And on to the last house. They had lots of evergreens and other green things, and a purty reddish smoke tree!


A walk down, edged with knockout roses. I would like to have some knockout roses. And some more evergreens. I am very fond of the ones we have, would like to add to the herd.


Capri Kel and The Peanuts Champ, by a very interestingly colored something or other!


Purple in the middle, blue on the edges. Magnificent! God’s paintbrush!


Very colorful, I like that!


Cute little things nestled in all the green.


Look at those evergreens, GLORIOUS!!!


This retaining wall reminds me of the one Honey built for me, love it!!!


This house had an illusive kitty-witty with a beautimous tail! It led me on a merry meander before it posed its sassy self for this picture.


So there you have it, the gardens of 2014!

Thanks to Barb and Tammy for making it so much fun!

Trailwood Garden Walk 2014

I did a fun thing on Tuesday! The Peanuts Champ, The Back Door Neighbor and I went on our annual pilgrimage to see some purty gardens!


My Mother belonged to The Trailwood Garden Club, and for several years before she passed away she took me to the preview. We would get to tour the gardens the evening before because the club members would be working the day of the walk, usually at only one house. It has been a pleasure to continue to see the garden walks with these loverly ladies!


The weather was iffy. Black skies, humidity so thick you could cut a slice and take a bite. Thank you Scooby Doo for that lingering thought. I am pretty sure he did it with fog though.

We were all oohing and aahhing at the first house because we thought these were real flowers. They were not! Some kind of metal work. It amused us though!


Once again I saw many different colors of hosta, once again I was reminded that I want some. Especially the delicious avocado colored and huge leafed ones. 


This moss was intriguing.


As were the delicious lilies. That color was scrumptious! It’s the exact pinky-coral-y color of nail polish I am looking for and cannot find. They are all too orangey. Not cool OPI and Essie.


Did I say I would like a hosta garden? I did? Sorry to be so repetitious.


This gal had coleus just planted in her front yard. I like that. Immensely. Coleus are my best girls.


Next house. Sun was out. Getting hotter and muggier. This house evidently had a swimming pool at one time.


They had a winding pond/stream all across the yard, so just a different water feature than the previous pool.


It was beautiful, but looked like a lot of work, what with koi fish and endless little waterfalls and cascades and rock buildups. I am sorry to differ with you spellcheck, koi is totally a word, even Words With Friends recognizes it. Get with the program.


I was already astounded that The Polar Vortex did not wreak complete havoc with these yards! I am sure that there was some fallout, and I am positive that the homeowners put forth a Herculean effort getting their yards in super spiffy, ready for their close up condition, but they could not have had the time nor the money to replace everything!

The next house was the biggest surprise! The neighborhood was full of small colonials and darling little ranch style homes. I had never been back in this neighborhood, and was very pleasantly surprised! The house was on a court and was so cute as we walked up. The weather was getting angry about now.


Nice walk back to the yard.


The minute we rounded the corner the heavens let LOOSE!


But look what we saw!!!!!!! A thing of rare beauty to behold!


The owners graciously let us up on the beautiful, relaxing porch. We sat, I don’t know, 10-15 minutes? I got caught up with a friend of my Mother’s, and we heard about the gardens from the owners. I am pretty sure that was them standing in the center.


To the right was a mother-in-law suite they added for her 97 year old mother, who was evidently in terrific shape! Maybe she helped them with all the gardening! We sat there for the entire squall and didn’t feel a drop. It was as close as I have ever gotten to being outside, but not really outside. I couldn’t help but think how much The Ab-Cat would have loved  to sit on that back porch and view thunderstorms that she loves so muchly!


They had bird feeding stations strategically set up right off the porch. They had good views. I see this in Honey’s future. He is enamored of our hummingbirds. Greatly!


They also had a water feature. That seems to almost be a requisite these days. Loved the mama duck and her ducklings.


This yard went on forever! The owners said when they bought the house in 2001 the backyard was empty except for the tall shade trees. They call it their “Up North refuge” in the middle of suburbia.


It backed to Tonquish Creek. We guessed they had a few mosquitoes around those parts. Loved the log path.


Pretty little things all over.


And these little guys filling in the gaps. Everybody doing their part for the sake of garden beauty!


A view from the back.


Who would have guessed all that was back there???


There were not too many pictures of the next house. It was very….white. Way less natural. But I did love that clematis going crazy all over that trellis!


Part 2 tomorrow!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi Guys, thanks for dropping in! Joyce has us all thinking about summer this week. If you would like to join up, click the button below and head over to Joyce’s and be part of the fun!


1. What summer activity most takes you back to your own childhood?

Swimming. We used to swim for hours. It wears you out in the best way and the faint smell of chlorine lingers the rest of the day as a reminder of all the fun!

2. What’s your favorite summer smell?

There are SO many! Mowed grass, grilled food, honeysuckle blooming. That’s a start.
3. It’s beach season in the US of A…so how do you feel about sand?

I am neither pro sand nor against it. I like the beach but I am probably happier at a pool. I go IN the pool, not so much the ocean.  I really like to walk on the beach and pick up interesting shells.
4. Sun tea, SunChips, sunflower seeds, Capri Sun, Sunny Delight, Sun-Maid raisins, sun-dried tomatoes…your favorite food or beverage with sun in its name?

One of my favorite vacation snacks is garden salsa Sun Chips with a Diet Coke, YUM!

5. What’s your favorite way to cool off on a hot summer day?

One of the very best parts of having a pool in your backyard is being able to cool off when doing yard work. Nothing feels better to an overheated, overworked body!
6. Share a favorite song with the word sun or sunshine in it’s title.

Good Day Sunshine, Here Comes the Sun, and I’ll Follow the Sun, all by The Beatles.
7. Tell us about a time you had an exceedingly good or truly awful customer service experience. If it was awful, did you report it? Ever go back there again?

Honey and I have a truly heinous record of hiring people to do work for us. From our builder to landscapers, to the yahoos we hired last fall to install a new water heater. I don’t think we have ever reported any of them, but I know when the plumbers were leaving Honey told them he was giving them some free advice; TAKE A PLUMBING CLASS! Maybe we should have reported them, but I guess we were so glad to be done with the whole situation we just wanted to forget about it. We had to hire another guy to fix what the yahoos did and he was a keeper, so there was a bright side. We would not be inclined to use any of those people for services ever again.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

The Peanuts Champ, The Back Door Neighbor and I went to the Trailwood Garden Walk yesterday. There were some delicious gardens! Come back and see some of the loverly tomorrow!


Thanks to Joyce for hosting us and for stopping by!

Pillow Magic

Capri Patt came and worked her magic on The Ab-Cat’s room last fall. I talked about the process here and here.  We painted and shopped and decorated until it was a thing a great beauty! Abby LOVED it! I was in there the other day and commented fondly that I still loved her room, she said she did too!

Her comforter and shams came from Target and because her twin bed is higher than usual, I wanted the comforter to be longer than a traditional twin. We chose a full and it works great. She had an extra pillow that we put into one of the shams, but we still had an extra sham kicking around.

Onto the sheet situation. We bought her sheets from Ikea, a most loverly shade of green that matched her room colors perfectly! Capri Patt had a great idea to buy an extra set and put the fitted sheet on the bottom mattress to cover all the off white we had going on down there. It blended nicely as well, because she is a little baby genius about things like that. An extra pillowcase is always a nice handy thing to have around and it stores easily in the linen closet. So then we had an extra top sheet kicking around. they are not usually needed…ever.

Before we redid Abby’s room she had been using a king sized pillow with a blue quilted sham for many of her lounging needs. After the makeover, that blue quilted pillow was a big old eyesore in her fashionable black, white and green room. Sadly the pillow went into her closet until I could find some kind of cover for it. I was not having luck in this department. Abby told me on several occasions that she missed her big, comfy, pillow.

Capri P suggested I give the extra new sham and flat sheet, along with the old quilted sham to use as a template, to Capri Deb to work her quilting magic on. That was a GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! Capri Deb asked if we were in a hurry to have it back, because she wanted to spend some time making it all purty-ful. We were more than willing to wait for that!

Capri Deb excels at ALL things crafty, and quilting is something she particularly enjoys. She took those extra bits of fabric , added some she had on hand, and gave it back looking like this!


All lovingly quilted and beautimous!


She even make this darling pillow for the reading chair! Both are backed with the extra flat sheet!


Abby and I both LOVED the covers!!!!!!!

Both of those gals are kisses on the cheek from a really good God!

Thanks Capri Deb!!!!!!!

The Boy at 23

Our Boy turned 23 on the 21st! He will be home this coming weekend, we will celebrate him then. I told him on the phone that his actual birthday post had been bumped by the grandcat, Seymour, or Sy.


I don’t know how he went from this boy in 1998,


to this fellow in 2000,


to guy this in 2014, but we are so glad to have him!!!!!!!


The Weekly Sy





War and Wound

I have a Friday list for today, a couple things that are not connected, but have occupied my week.

First up, we are at WAR over here.

Ants. Brown. EVERYWHERE.

Well, not everywhere, it just seems that way. They are around the island, but it feels like everywhere.

We have had a few ants in the spring before. We put out a couple ant traps and that was that. Not this year.

There is an open door somewhere, and they are waltzing right in.

And they are bringing their friends. It’s like mass illegal immigration.

I need to secure our borders. To keep out these little boarders.

I think I will have destroyed them all and in the morning there will be a hundred of them around a potato chip crumb.

We may have to get another dog. To take care of the crumb issue.

We tried some Borax, sugar, oil recipe on a paper plate recipe we found on line. I suppose I was supposed to wait for them to take the delicious treat back to their nest for maximum damage, but when I got up there were so many milling around on the plate that I sprayed them with ant spray to stop my head from exploding.

Now I feel I have poisoned our house and we are tracking it throughout. I am steaming the floors today.

My friend The Saint came yesterday to get her hairs cut and hi-lighted. She said they were waging the same war over at her house. She recommended these.


The lady at Home Depot said she had used them too.

Then when I got home there was a text from The Saint saying she found a few ants when she got home after being ant free for weeks. It’s a curse I tell you.

In other news, The Boy called earlier in the week. From the emergency room. He just can’t stay away.

His platelet count is fine, good thing too because he cut his finger.

He said it bled enough with platelets around 100,000. Blood all over his shirt, glasses, face. He was cleaning a light at work. Something about glass and a hinge?

image (1)

He cut a nerve and is supposed to go to a hand doctor. On the upside, he said it doesn’t hurt! He can still use it.

image (3)

He did a good job.

image (5)

Nine stitches, three days off from his janitorial job, days he can spend playing fetch with Seymour the Grandcat. He is s t r e t c h ing for the crumpled up ball of paper.

image (6)

He’s a fairly uptight, stressed out kitty. Sure he is.

image (7)

That’s enough words for today.

We Valued The World

Mousey and I have had a hankering to get thrifty. It happens. Our schedules convened yesterday, so off we went to the Value World.

The very best time to thrift is when you don’t need anything, then you are open to whatever you might find. The only thing I was sort of looking for was something wooden that I could practice repainting. I have a chest of drawers I brought home from my folks house last summer. A chest of drawers that was in my room when I was a BABY. It has been a light aqua color for my entire recollection, but it is very beat up at the moment. I am thinking of using it for storage in my craft/hair room. I have another chest that I am using now that I got from my Grandmother years ago and used in our babies room. It is a beast of a thing and has always been hard to open, therefore, I would like to re-home the bugger. Before I tackle the aqua chest, I would like to practiceon something else.

All that to say, I did not find anything wooden to repaint or re-stain.

But I did find these! One can never have too many bags! This one is a Roxy and so stinkin’ cute! I though Ab-Cat might use it for BSF or an alternate library bag. Doesn’t look like it has ever been used! A good deal for $4.10.


This could be the bargain of the month. I could tell right away this was a great bag! Once again, clean as a whistle and doesn’t look like it was ever used. It said Travelers on the silver bar, but I had never heard of it. Before I saw that I thought it might have been a Sak or a Baggelini or whatever they are called.

Very nicely made and sturdy.


Pockets and storage galore! I showed it to Mousey in the store and she thought it would be an awesome purse/bag for airline travel! She read my mind!


Upon further inspection, I saw the name Chico’s inside and was able to pull it up online. It originally sold for $69.00. At $5.40 it is definitely the bargain of the month!

When we arrived home I checked email to find one from Three Good Kids saying there were two 50 %off coopins in the mail! Isn’t that the way it goes?

Anyone else have a score?

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